Anyone else checking this website daily?

Posted by Member ttocs89 on 8/10/12 06:10 AM #1
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At first I was a little unsure of the purpose of this site but I've found I've been checking it everyday to keep up with commodity prices and see when blues post its reallly handy, I could see this becoming huge if the player base picks back up after 1.4
Posted by Member Venoom on 8/10/12 06:21 AM #2
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I hope more quality posters join the forum, and more articles/guides keep coming.
So far so good, I check the website on a daily basis too.
Posted by Member Khan on 8/10/12 08:14 AM #3
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Hell yeah. Got to check on the prices of those brimstones...
Posted by Member Methrin on 8/10/12 02:43 PM #4
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I check it to update my hardcore guide & reply to anyone who asks me question and if I have the time after that, I check the forums for a while.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/10/12 02:59 PM #5
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Bunch of guides/articles and other features are planned, we hope you guys stay for the ride :)
Posted by Member sabin on 8/10/12 03:01 PM #6
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I check out the forums every 2-3 days, but if I include checking the max stat and other guides / AH tracker it's probably almost every day.
Posted by Member Kratos on 8/15/12 05:16 PM #7
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Just found out the site and it is really usefull and pretty good articles too,hope for more and hope this coummunity will grow bigger,i am glad i found out this site.
Posted by Member gnawol on 8/15/12 05:19 PM #8
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I'll be honest, i first came because of the give away but it's a nice community here and not a bunch of repetitive posts on the forums like say, the other "official" forum.

Seeing Admin's participate in posting is a very positive point to any successful forum and it's great to see @Anuiran posting on a regular basis throughout the forum.

I also hope people stay and aren't just here for a free bunch of Items :-)

Anyway back on topic, i am checking daily since i've signed up which is not that long ago but i love the idea of the tracker, saves me having to log into the auction house to see what the going rate is of gems/brimstone
Posted by Member Buzzell on 8/15/12 09:02 PM #9
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I'm on this site more then the official forums. So much awesomer.
Posted by Member laturalus on 8/15/12 09:14 PM #10
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Yep, check it several times a day and have told lots of people in game. Like this site better than diablofans due to focus on economy and the forums are full of people who actually enjoy the game here. The official forums are just full of complainers, and so is the in game chat. (that is my big gripe about the game, all the QQing)
Posted by Member DaDaDom on 9/12/12 03:11 PM #11
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I check this site for the item max stat every time I go to auction house
Posted by Member dodgey on 9/13/12 04:17 AM #12
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Stumbled on this site very recently, but it's been a goldmine (sic) of information!
Posted by Member mpintar on 9/13/12 01:42 PM #13
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I used to check it almost every day, but other priorities have taken my time from D3. Still come back everyonce in awhile since it is one of my favourite resources about the game I have found so far.
Posted by Member carlos6 on 9/15/12 02:52 PM #14
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More like weekly for me.
Posted by Member Ariian2012 on 9/15/12 06:19 PM #15
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This is my first time here and I absolutely love it.

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