Selling on RMAH

Posted by Member thekobun on 8/10/12 06:03 PM #1
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Are people really selling on rmah? What do you sell?
Post picutures of what you sell. TY!
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/10/12 06:24 PM #2
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I have my own personal sale history here and D3RMT users have the ability to add sold items to their profile. From there any user can go to your profile and click any item you sold to view the stats, however I stopped selling items as I am giving away every single item I have found for the last little while in this contest. I will return to selling and soon!
Posted by Member darkzero901 on 8/13/12 08:52 PM #3
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I have sold things in the past but not enough people are playing/buying anymore.
Posted by Member LunaTech on 8/14/12 09:42 PM #4
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i just sold $50 yesterday and went thru paypal.
Posted by Member Khan on 8/15/12 05:20 PM #5
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Sold $71 in brimstones and $150 for a Demon's Carapice set plan last night.
Posted by Member therealdeal on 9/6/12 02:51 PM #6
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Is there an advantage to sell brimstones over gold? I think after 1.04, everyone just buys gold...
Posted by Member laturalus on 9/7/12 04:54 PM #7
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@Anuiran, I cant find where we can add sold items to our profile....Would be a great way to help me keep track of my up to date total instead of these notebooks that I scribble in. Little help pointing me in the right direction?

And to stay on topic, I didnt start to use the rmah untill two weeks ago, found a little niche and have made about $300 to date, usually selling in the 5-10$ range
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 9/7/12 08:44 PM #8
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@Laturalus you should be able to find it here. On the right there should be a "Add sale history" button.
Posted by Member danja on 9/8/12 01:39 AM #9
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how to choose the correct selling price? on what a start?
Posted by Member bh0b3t on 9/8/12 03:53 AM #10
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Great way of tracking sold items. ^_^
Posted by Member laturalus on 9/8/12 08:19 AM #11
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Thank you! And wouldnt you know I found how to get there myself too, had been looking in account>profile ect, but I randomly just clicked on my user name and found it!
Posted by Member tomahawk on 9/13/12 12:52 PM #12
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Anyone notice that the price of gold has fallen through the floor? It was 1.65 a few days ago and last night it was 1.16 for a while!
Posted by Member infernocy on 9/14/12 09:42 AM #13
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the price of gold is 1million for £0.71 now
Posted by Member ocryburino on 9/15/12 01:14 PM #14
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I made about $50 the first week and no one has touched anything since.
Posted by Member munkmunk on 9/15/12 01:38 PM #15
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I bought Weapons with 500+ LoH on GAH the day 1.0.4 came out for extremely cheap and turned around and sold for RMAH or for 10-100 times what i boought them for since people didnt know how much items were immediately after the patch. I have about $130 from just that but sold 95% of items on GAH. I wish i knew my stuff wouldv'e sold on RMAH or i would have easily triple that
Posted by Member Trestin on 9/15/12 02:09 PM #16
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I've prob sold about $70 worth. By putting items up from $2.50-$4.00.
Posted by Member Kambz on 9/15/12 02:26 PM #17
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I just sold a windforce for 20 bucks , not bad I must say.

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