Save Unid Lvl 61 62 items until 1.04

Posted by Member Grinchy on 8/13/12 07:03 PM #1
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As the title says, I was wondering if it is worth storing any lvl 61 and 62 Unid items until the patch release in hope for better stats or whether it wont affect them?
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/13/12 07:12 PM #2
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It will not effect them because as soon as a item drops the stats are determined.
Posted by Member ecocd on 8/14/12 07:08 AM #3
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Speaking of which, Anuiran, for the contest, were you thinking of crafting items before or after patch 1.04? I'm assuming you already have your 7 bazilliion non-ID'ed rares already on your accounts.
Posted by Member gnawol on 8/14/12 08:51 AM #4
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As Anuiran says, the rolls/stats are done as soon as the Item drops. It won't make a difference ID'ing now or later, if Items stats were determined once ID'ing then everyone would be wearing MF gear when ID'ing, oh how i wish thats how it would work :-D
Posted by Member ecocd on 8/14/12 09:00 AM #5
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The rolls on crafted items, though, depends upon pre-1.04 and post-1.04. If the weapon damage ranges on iLvl 62 post-patch are now extended to iLvl 63 damage ranges, then crafted weapons post-1.04 will be much more valuable than pre-1.04. Likewise, if the Rare items are farmed post-1.04, the iLvl 62 rare weapons given away will have a higher damage range. Don't forget the new affixes available on 2-headed weapons making their debut in post-1.04.

Don't get me wrong, no one is going to complain about free items no matter when they're farmed and crafted. I was just curious on the timing. I think the Admins have already said they hope to have the resources to do more contests in the future so there will hopefully be plenty of post-1.04 and post-1.1 items available over the coming months.
Posted by Admin Artishir on 8/14/12 10:02 AM #6
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@ecocd Yeah, we plan on doing many more contests! I think we are also considering letting the people who win during this contest choose if they would like to wait till after the patch for their crafted legendaries.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/14/12 01:58 PM #7
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It depends if crafting legendaries will cost more in 1.0.4 as I have all the materials for the current prices, the plan right now is to go ahead with the current schedule for this contest. Then the September contest could have the updated legendaries along with gold prizes.
Posted by Member ecocd on 8/14/12 02:27 PM #8
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@Anuiran Well I'll just have to plan to win 10-20 Legendaries in September, to go along with the 20 Legendaries I'm certain to randomly win in August! Thanks.

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