Thoughts on the 1.0.4 Barbarian Blog?

Posted by Member theras on 8/15/12 04:25 PM #1
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Since there hasn't been a thread posted about it yet, I guess I'll start one. If you visit any D3 forum, then you have hopefully seen and read the 1.0.4 barbarian blog posted. Personally I like that they are upping the damage on fury spenders, and I can see why the barbarian blog was the first to come out. As far as class mechanics, nothing major is happening but that's okay in my opinion. There was nothing nothing wrong with barbarians as they are, so just buffing their damage seems to be a fair change.

That's my two cents. What do you think D3RMT?
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/15/12 04:31 PM #2
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We hope users would comment on the blog post on the front page for the Barbarian changes but I guess a thread on the forums can't hurt! Personally I have not played a Barbarian very much but when I did I used almost no furry spenders as they seemed utterly pointless, that alone makes me feel they are heading the right direction with the changes but again I have not played much of the Barbarian class so I can't really say much on the subject.
Posted by Member gnawol on 8/15/12 04:50 PM #3
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Yeah, its nice to see they are addressing the skills that aren't used by anyone. It was pointless using a fury spender, for most people it was just there as an option to support the rune that buffs your damage if you have full fury.

Im surprised to see what's in store for Monk's & WD's, so far the barbarian has been changed for the good, they cant possibly mess up any of the other chars and its nice to see that blizzard is trying to make positive changes to the game
Posted by Member huskies13 on 8/15/12 06:20 PM #4
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yeah i think that blizzard has done well with the ideas that they have. frenzy is really the only used primary skill, and the might skills are barely even used. i have no other big problems with the barbarian, and hopefully these changes can just give me more ideas that i can try out and use
Posted by Member Methrin on 8/15/12 06:51 PM #5
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My main problem with Hammer of the ancients and seismic slam is cast time... Even if it starts doing decent damage, what good is it iif by the time the animation is completed the monsters have already shredded you to pieces?
Posted by Member theras on 8/15/12 08:21 PM #6
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Sorry for making a new post to discuss the blog. I just saw that there were no comments on the blog and figured people would most likely want to discuss changes on the forums instead of the post itself. I'll keep it in mind for the future.
Posted by Member vi6six on 8/15/12 11:14 PM #7
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do you think the new legendary fire boots will be a good add on to a ww barb ?
Posted by Member Buzzell on 8/16/12 06:55 AM #8
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I'm excited that I might be able to use a fury spender or two! =)
Posted by Member solo on 8/18/12 11:37 PM #9
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There is something I really like about Seismic Slam but it just didn't do enough damage before, im excited too! :)
Posted by Member azwrath03 on 9/2/12 04:06 PM #10
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Fire walkers on a ww barb would be interesting.
Posted by Member swissranger on 9/5/12 11:03 PM #11
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Double that ^
WW barbs with fire walkers literary walk over their enemies with fire

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