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Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 4/4/12 10:42 PM #1
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Well let's get things started with an old fashioned "Introduce yourself" thread. My name is Jeremy or Anuiran if you prefer. I am the owner of this website and write the majority of the content, but if anyone else would like with content please send me a PM as I am currently looking for help.

I absolutely love video games and have been playing since I was 6 years old. My first gaming experience was playing Super Mario World at my uncles house and to say the least, I instantly fell in love and have been addicted ever since.

Currently my games of choice are Skyrim/Starcraft 2 while I patiently wait for Diablo 3 release. It would be a ton of fun to play some SC2 matches with any community members, so if you would like you guys can add me as a friend with Anuiran #203.
Posted by Member mashtaters on 4/4/12 10:53 PM #2
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My name is Sarah but for the sake of this site, we will stick with Mashtaters. I am @Anuiran's room mate so that's why I feign interest in this site.. haha nah, I also think the concept is pretty swell.

My first video game experience was Dr. Mario for the NES and the first game I ever owned was Felix the Cat for NES. I'm more into console gaming pre-Final Fantasy 9. However I'm being coaxed into playing Diablo 3 by my room mate and boyfriend.
Posted by Admin Artishir on 4/27/12 02:28 PM #3
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Hellooooo My name is Daniel but most people call me Dan. I have always loved video games of all sorts. I am a big fan of the diablo series and cannot wait for diablo 3 to finally be out! I never played diablo in the past when it came out but i recently played D2 a few months ago just to try it out before d3 and that was fun, it got me super excited for d3.
Posted by Member benny on 4/28/12 03:38 AM #4
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Hi, I'm benny. I've been playing mobas lately (League of legends, super monday night combat) and some backlogged stuff from steam sales. I enjoy a lot of console-based games, but I was raised on Jazz Jackrabbit and Liero. PC gamer to the bone.

Posted by Member Ender on 4/30/12 11:21 PM #5
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My names Jim and I'm an alcoholic
Posted by Member Socrates on 5/2/12 02:45 PM #6
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My name is Jonathan and I can confirm that Jim is an alcoholic.

One of my first computer game experiences was Warcraft 2, and I've pretty much loved Blizzard ever since. I started playing Diablo 2 some time after the expansion came out and I waited years for patch 1.10, so it's about time they're actually coming out with D3. I also remember the first time I tried playing the original Diablo and how horrifyingly difficult it is compared to its successor.
Posted by Member iconiy on 5/2/12 05:30 PM #7
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Hey there, I am Iconiy.

I have been playing diablo games since I was 9 (currently 21). I cant wait to get this game and lose my social life.
I also love MOBA's (league of legends, dota 2) and am a huge esports fan. I cant wait to meet more of you guys as this site gets bigger!
Posted by Member veuxdeath on 5/3/12 07:28 AM #8
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Hello lady's and gents,

Name's Phil, A little info about myself:

I'm only a nerd when it comes to Hon or Diablo. I work in the gaming industry as a freelance concept artist in austin, tx. The 2 major companys I've done work for include Redflystudios, and Ea games.

Background Info on Diablo, I use to be a admin for Ran their private server which hosted the Median XL Mod by Brother_laz.

Currently, I play Some wow(when I'm super bored), and Darkages until diablo 3 of course.

If you want to play in-game sometime Shoot me a Pm with your tag and I'll make sure to add you :)

Stay tuned for my guides, come the release.
Posted by Member eLZhi on 5/7/12 04:49 PM #9
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Oh, hello, I'm Fred. I'm a self employed graphic designer and in my free time a slow-growing music producer. Um, that's basically it. Those who know me know me, those who don't, feel free to ask. (I'm not very good with introductions)
Posted by Member leph on 8/1/12 04:46 PM #10
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I just joined - hello and thanks for sharing this site!
Posted by Member Revengeance on 8/1/12 05:52 PM #11
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My name is Jeremy. I've been going by Revengeance all over the internet since well before the silly MGS game was announced. I'm a bit bitter about that, really.
Posted by Member Monty211 on 8/1/12 06:13 PM #12
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Hi I'm David. I used to play video games more often but now I pretty much only play Diablo 3. Halo is my favorite game series but I can't compete with the really good players. And I love Monty Python.
Posted by Member GrinningJest3r on 8/1/12 06:31 PM #13
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Hi. I'm Spenser. I don't have as much time to play, well, anything as much as I'd like... but I do use what free time I have to play way too many games at once. I'm sure the others in the house hate me for it...
Posted by Member PsykoDemun on 8/1/12 06:46 PM #14
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Hello. I got Diablo 3 on release and have been playing it as I can. My only 60 is my wizard who is currently working on Act 1 Inferno. The other main game I play is LoL with a dashing of many others.
Posted by Member andoo on 8/1/12 06:47 PM #15
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Andy checking in! Haven't used this site yet, but excited to test it out!
Posted by Member zulux21 on 8/1/12 10:33 PM #16
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im zulux, I play a demon hunter on D3 and like to torment my cats with laser pointers :3
Posted by Member Loopal8 on 8/1/12 10:46 PM #17
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I'm Rainbow Dash! Fastest flier in all of Equestria!
Posted by Member Dominatrixia on 8/2/12 02:21 PM #18
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Greetings everyone, Domi here! WW Barb / Cyclone Monk (I like tornadoes and shit) Currently "stuck" on a3 :D Hope you guys have a great time!
Posted by Member wakecaster on 8/3/12 01:42 PM #19
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Hey there, wakecaster here! Been on and off of D3 and playing League of Legends in between, but back to D3 for a while! :D
Must get used to left click (vs right click) to move again...
Posted by Member trbotom on 8/8/12 12:14 AM #20
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Posted by Member flamuss on 8/8/12 09:52 AM #21
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Hello all. Diablo 3 for days. Beat d3 with all classes finally. huge chores

Posted by Member esm1th on 8/12/12 03:23 AM #22
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Hello all!
Posted by Member epalicious on 8/12/12 05:14 AM #23
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hello from Malaysia :)
Posted by Member whoopiecushion on 8/15/12 10:21 PM #24
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Hello! Been playing since D1!
Posted by Member Khan on 8/16/12 05:12 PM #25
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I'm Ro. I play D3 to reduce stress that remains even after a few good deadlifts and to make gold/money for fun.

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