How many characters are you playing now

Posted by Member douvinsky on 9/8/12 04:04 AM #1
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I have 2 60s.

Since patch 1.04, I stop playing my tanky DH due to the disappointing nerfs.

I switch my focus to my monk. Originally he could only farm Act 1 but I slowly geared him and switch skills until he can farm Act 2, and now, after dumping almost all my gold onto him (I am down to below 10m) I am quite happy that he can solo Act 3 with minimal resist (about 400 counting OWE).

Just wonder is anyone playing a few characters (60s?) now, or, just like me, only focus on one character for efficient farming and gaining P levels. I was thinking maybe to use my DH to farm lower level for legendaries (Puzzle Ring?) but at the end I feel that it is still not a good use of my play time.
Posted by Member gnawol on 9/8/12 04:21 AM #2
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I have all Chars at 60 but stuck to monk since its become my favorite (even pre patch). It wouldn't make sense for anyone to play more than 1 char now considering the Paragon Level is char bound rather than Account Bound.
Posted by Member ahmedss79 on 9/8/12 11:53 AM #3
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I'm playing with three characters now ,two of them are on paragon level 2 , a barbarian,monk and demon hunter .
Posted by Member Metta on 9/8/12 03:21 PM #4
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I think I spend about 99% of my time on one character. I know a few dudes who actually gear up FIVE different chars and PL each one evenly (like 5 chars at PL 10... wtf). To each his own, but I don't really find it enjoyable. It's like taking 10 steps forward and 9 steps back. I sometimes switch it up (I have a hardcore DH and I just recently went back and killed Inferno Diablo with my budget DH), but for the most part, it's just not very satisfying because the only thing that matters at this point is 1) progression in PL and 2) finding godly items.
Posted by Member Moke on 9/8/12 05:57 PM #5
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All I play is my Barb... where I can't even get through Act 4 Inferno lol!
Posted by Member huskies13 on 9/8/12 06:33 PM #6
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i stick to one character, a level 60 barbarian thats paragon level 12
Posted by Member timbra on 9/8/12 09:05 PM #7
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I have 3 characters: demon hunter, wizard and a monk. Only play a monk, to pump paragon level 22
Posted by Member sleepindante on 9/8/12 11:06 PM #8
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I only play one character and that is monk. I've got other classes to level 10 but thats about it.
Posted by Member razer22 on 9/9/12 02:01 AM #9
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I was switching from my regular Barb farmin act3/whimsy to my hardcore WD in inferno. I think I might quit my Barb now and focus on trying to clear HC, but it's hard for me to get things to sell at the high end of the economy. Recently I made a HC DH to play for fun and have been focusing on him.
Posted by Member ColeJones on 9/9/12 02:51 AM #10
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I'm currently farming as 4 level 60 wizards paragon level 11 while multiboxing.
Posted by Member Scourger on 9/9/12 07:34 AM #11
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My mains were Barbarian and Wizard, but recently I discovered the incredible and dark-based fun that is playing the DH :D
Didn't stop playing it since then.
Posted by Member tigs on 9/9/12 08:14 AM #12
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only 60 is a Dh slowly gearing and learning to farm. P lvls are great in one respect increasing the strength of a single character but it does put a crimp in the style of altoholics.
Posted by Member Mindlessone on 9/9/12 08:20 AM #13
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I have a lvl 60 of each class. The monk is easily my favorite class, but I have stuck with my demon hunter since 1.04. Reason being all the best gear I seem to drop is for a dh. I try my best not to use the ah (have once or twice before) and I find dropping gear for a monk is much harder since basically all of it needs +res all and +whatever res you stack...on top of dex/vit/crit/crit damage.
Posted by Member alphaomega420 on 9/9/12 03:54 PM #14
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I main a 60 WD, have mid 50s barb and wizard, along with a HC WD and monk
Posted by Member somekat on 9/9/12 03:55 PM #15
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60 Monk, 60 Bar, 58 WD, 50 DH. I've yet to get a wizard above 10
Posted by Member Gvandale on 9/9/12 04:39 PM #16
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I have each class at 60. My 285mf DH was my main until just before 1.04.

At that point, I got my barb to 60, easily beat the game, and now use him (para16) exclusively.
Posted by Member iMeethos on 9/9/12 05:29 PM #17
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I love my wizzie and my monk. Though, lately, I've been preferring my monk because it's basically a MF machine. Running Act 3 @ about 290% MF at 3 stacks.
Posted by Member thrice827 on 9/9/12 05:34 PM #18
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I've got 4 60's, but only play two. The main character I use is my monk (para 31) and I occasionally use my DH (para 3).
Posted by Member DragoHorse on 9/9/12 05:42 PM #19
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I got 4chars lvl 60 but only play 2: DH and Wizz.
Though i'm starting to like Baba too.
Posted by Member asrr on 9/9/12 05:44 PM #20
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I have a 60 barb, dh, and wizard. The Barb is my main farming act3 with over 260% base mf paragon 21. I just recently cleared inferno on the dh. I never bothered to get the wizard past act2 inferno, but might someday in the future. I've also been thinking about starting a new witch doctor since necro was my favorite class in d2.
Posted by Member Classh0le on 9/9/12 06:02 PM #21
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Three 60's and fourth upcoming
Posted by Member baccarat0809 on 9/9/12 07:23 PM #22
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Only 60 is my WD and he's at p-7 right now.
Posted by Member rodrigoaj on 9/9/12 07:33 PM #23
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I got 3 lvl 60, but I only play with my Wizard that is the main one. The others aren't so powerful, so they became boring.. =/
Posted by Member Khan on 9/9/12 10:53 PM #24
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Only my wizard. Once he hits para 100, I may try another class.
Posted by Member mugshade on 9/10/12 05:51 PM #25
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I have a 60 DH, but with the upcoming nerf to ToC, will probably switch to barb.

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