Locked: Got Hacked

Posted by Member Mannix on 6/3/12 10:15 PM #1
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I just want to cry now :(
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 6/3/12 11:12 PM #2
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Damn matt :( That really sucks, did you not have a Authenticator? Because I know you got a iPhone! But oh well just send a ticket to Blizzard, and they will reset your account. You will not be able to use the RMAH until you attach a authenticator though.
Posted by Member Mannix on 6/3/12 11:44 PM #3
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No I didnt, so mad haha oh well I got one now
Posted by Member mkomkomko on 8/1/12 04:45 PM #4
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I got scared into an authentication a while ago. Everyone should hop on that.
Posted by Member Tonatu on 8/1/12 04:46 PM #5
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I was stupid and didn't get an authenticator until after I got hacked -.-
Posted by Member Dreadnougat on 8/1/12 04:48 PM #6
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Weren't people getting hacked even with authenticators right after release? I remember hearing talk of it...how did that even happen?

Assuming it's fixed now, or we'd be hearing a whole lot more about it by now ;)
Posted by Member anomz on 8/1/12 04:51 PM #7
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I use the bb authenticator app -- works like a charm
Posted by Member Myth on 8/1/12 05:00 PM #8
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Authenticators are so easy to get now, with multiple ways to have one; there is no reason not to fully secure your Battle.net account.
Posted by Member Bigginz on 8/1/12 05:20 PM #9
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I would highly recommend getting the free app if you have a smart phone.
Posted by Member Gokuen on 8/1/12 05:37 PM #10
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I've never been hacked. Smartphone authentication. Works well
Posted by Member CrunchTime on 8/1/12 06:03 PM #11
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Get the authenticator.. works wonders!!
Posted by Member warrenhui on 8/1/12 06:07 PM #12
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Please get the authenticator
Posted by Member devious21 on 8/1/12 06:15 PM #13
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Use a different password when registering for other websites :P
Posted by Member blanck94 on 8/1/12 06:33 PM #14
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Authenticator! :-)
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/1/12 06:37 PM #15
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Locking thread, not much else to discuss here.

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