Need advice/suggestions for ACT4

Posted by Member razer22 on 10/9/12 11:20 PM #1
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So I'm up to the last act in Inferno. I made it through ACT3 in what I think is pretty subpar gear, and thus I believe I need to make a few upgrades if I want to clear the game. I need help on which piece of gear I should upgrade and what stats to look for in order to up my DPS without gimping defense too much. If you have suitable equips for me, feel free to make offers, but I only have like 4mil HC gold saved up.

Any build-related suggestions or strategies for certain bosses in ACT4 is also highly welcomed.

P.S. Anyone know/can guess when 1.05 patch is coming out?
Posted by Member Detski on 10/31/12 02:27 PM #2
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Would you be interested in forming a party?

I'm looking for someone to play with since additional party members do not increase monster damage. I've only brushed up on act 1 though:
Posted by Member razer22 on 11/1/12 01:18 PM #3
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Talk about uncanny timing, I actually died from a DC last night. Here I even made a bug report because I don't think I was even killed by monsters:

I don't believe it's fair that my char died like that. But anyways, just add me and maybe I'll play on my DH. It won't be soon though since I don't feel like playing until the matter is sorted out.
Posted by Member sabin on 11/1/12 02:08 PM #4
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@razer22 That really sucks. Have you looked in the fallen heroes section in your profile to see where it says what killed you? It would be interesting to see if it lists a succubus or something weird as the cause of death.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 11/1/12 02:44 PM #5
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@razer22 Sorry to hear man! Hardcore can be a bitch =/
Posted by Member razer22 on 11/1/12 05:41 PM #6
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@sabin I did not archive my hero so I don't believe you can see the cause of death yet. But my friend told me once I DC'ed it said "crazed213 was slain by @#$* the Elite...", blah blah something along those lines. So I'm guessing it will list the elite, even though when he was fighting it I was nowhere near.
Posted by Member Detski on 11/1/12 07:08 PM #7
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@razer22 Oh no! That's terrible! I'd be happy to help power level you back up. I probably won't be playing for a while either since I have the GRE coming up.

I just gave up farming for leoric's signet. Maybe I should try to find one in case of situations like these.

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