Anyone getting a Wii U?

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 11/14/12 08:31 PM #1
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Going to try and pick one up on Sunday. One thing that surprises me is that there seems to be almost no hype around the console. I should easily be able to pick one up without a pre-order, unlike the launch of the Wii where it was sold out everywhere.

I am looking for forward to New Super Mario Bros. U and ZombiU, and the obvious Zelda and Metroid in the future. Overall I felt like the whole Wii motion stuff was stupid and it ended up causing me more frustration than fun. It literally ruined Skyward Sword for me.

Just was curious what everyone's thoughts are about it.

Oh how badly I want a HD Zelda...
Posted by Member Baldy on 11/14/12 08:56 PM #2
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Looks like sword and board is good enough for ^ this guy. ;-)

I wonder what Link's DPS is....
Posted by Member razer22 on 11/14/12 09:46 PM #3
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I also feel like there isn't a lot of hype involving the new generation of gaming consoles. As for getting the new Wii U, probably not. Had fun playing with friends and siblings on the Wii ,but now we spend less time playing video games together. Single player Wii games just doesn't cut it for me.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 11/14/12 10:12 PM #4
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Nope, haven't been a console gamer since the original Atari 2600 came out. After I got a Commodore 64 in high school, never really went back to console games. IMHO there's just so much more you can do on a PC than on a console because of the keyboard (can't even imagine how one would play something like SC2 using a joystick or other hand held controller...)
Posted by Member sabin on 11/14/12 10:55 PM #5
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Watch out Deckard!... Oh wait, that's a different thing crashing through a cathedral roof...
Posted by Member Detski on 11/15/12 10:13 AM #6
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My sister pre-ordered one for me for xmas :)

I'm a long time metroid fan, so it was going to happen sooner or later. Pikmin 3 is what's on my most wanted list at the moment.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 11/18/12 11:31 AM #7
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Well got my Wii U! Updates are just installing now.

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