How to Find the Murlocket

by DHAdmin on July 3rd, 2013 at 3:05 pm

The Murlocket is a unique amulet that is an easter egg of sorts. The amulet spawns a Murloc when equipped, which is a popular monster from World of Warcraft. Although the amulet and the Murloc it summons have no real practical use, it is a fun item for collectors or those whom simply enjoy having a cute little pet to follow them around.

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Aside from the low drop rate of the Amulet, it is a rather easy item to farm. All you have to do is head over to the Sewers of Caldeum in Act 2 and find the unique monster - Moontooth DreadShark.

  • Moontooth can only be found in the Sewers of Caldeum.
  • He is not a guaranteed spawn and the amulet will not always drop either. This means you will have to run through this area few times until you find the amulet.
  • He always spawns in similar areas that have destructible debris in a corner. If you have found the right one he will appear and emerge from the rubble.
  • Monster Power and Difficulty level do not affect the drop rate of the amulet. Play on whatever difficulty you are most comfortable with.
  • Unfortunately the Murloc will not help you fight in battle.

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