General Tips and Tricks Every Diablo 3 Player Should Know

by DHAdmin on June 13th, 2012 at 10:25 pm

A collection of tips to make your travels in the world of Diablo that much easier. Let's get started!

Item tooltips on the ground


A huge time saver

If you hold down the CTRL key while mousing over an item on the ground, it will show you the items stats. I use this all the time to quickly scan random items on the ground. It is much easier to just quickly glance over items before picking them up than having to open my inventory and search for them in there. An extra tip, if you have your inventory open while holding CTRL over an item on the ground, it will compare it to your currently equipped item

Elective Mode

Elective Mode improves the game so substantially that it completely baffles me why Blizzard decided to hide this option in the menus. Basically Diablo 3 skills are broken down into 7 categories such as Primary and Defensive. By default you are only allowed to pick one skill from each category at a time, but if you turn on elective mode you can pick as many skills from any category as you would like. For example a Monk could choose Serenity (An invincability shield) and Breath of Heaven (A healing spell) two defensive skills at once. Many of my friends hit level 60 without ever knowing this option existed, I really hope Blizzard makes elective mode the default in the future. Until then you can find Elective Mode under the interface heading in Gamepay options.

Advanced Tooltips

Another option Blizzard oddly decided to hide in the menus, you can turn it on by finding it under the interface heading in Gamepay options.

As you can clearly see with Advanced Tooltips turned on you are presented with much more information to help you decide what skill is the best for you. No longer will you have to guess at what skill does more damage.

Comparing second ring or weapon

When you mouse over for example a helm, the game compares it to your currently equipped helm, however for rings it only compares the stats to one of your rings. But if you hold down the ALT key it will compare it to your second ring, or offhand if you are comparing weapons

Note - this also works in the auction house.

Quickly skipping conversations

There is no point in reading dialog for a quest you have already completed, by simply pressing the ESC key you will instantly finish any conversation.

But wait that's not all! For ingame events that have a NPC talking before doing a certain action you can simply press space to skip ahead in the conversation. Normally it takes about 30 seconds for the Cow King to open the secret level, but you can skip through it all by just pressing space a few times.

Stop people from joining your game

Want to play by yourself without having your friends randomly joining your game? Simply go to your options and under the Social tab turn off "Allow Quick Join" and people will no longer be able to disturb your solo play. Turn it back on whenever you are feeling social again.

Force move - Stop accidentally clicking monsters

Have you ever needed to run away from a monster but accidentally clicked and attacked the monster you are running from? Well I sure have, this can be fixed by keybinding the "Move" button in the Diablo 3 options. You can keybind move to any button you want, I personally made mine the F key as I can easily press it in the heat of the moment. Pressing the move key will walk your character to wherever your mouse cursor currently is, ignoring all monsters in the way.

Linking items

If you ever played World of Warcraft than you should already know how to do this, have your chat open to talk in party or to whoever you wish and then shift click any item to link the item into chat. A easy and simple way to show off your items to your friends.

Attack and cast spells without moving


Who needs a target?

Holding down the shift key while attacking will basically "plant" your feet in place making you not move. This is useful as a melee class when you are on the edge of molten or desecrator and dont want to walk into it (Because fire hurts!). It's very useful for ranged classes who wish to sit back and spam spells without accidentally moving.

Quick chat commands


Sometimes typing is too slow

Pressing any numpad key from 0-9 will make your character say in game phrases that appear in the chat but also can be heard by all other players near you. It's way faster to press 7 on the numpad to tell everyone to run away, than to actually type it out.

Quick fire tips!

  • Right clicking a spell buff removes it.
  • You gain 20% of your Followers Magic and Gold Find.
  • Dual-wielding grants a 15% bonus to your attack speed.
  • Hitting "g" will drop your banner wherever your mouse currently is.
  • Turn on friendly player health bars with the D key.
  • Turn on enemy health bars with the V key.
  • Pressing "alt" will display all item names on the ground. However in the options you can turn on item names to show permanently.
  • Get a zoomed in view of your character by pressing Z.
  • Hardcore mode is unlocked at level 10.
  • Magic and Gold find are averaged between your group. For example if you have 3 people in your group and everyone's magic find added up equals 90, every member will have 30 magic find.
  • When you are in town clicking another players portal will teleport you to them, you can even teleport to a dead player.
  • If a champion or elite pack has a skull over them, you need to run away as the monster enraged and will kill you much faster. This can be reset by simply going back to town for 2-3 seconds.
  • Every random spawn dungeon that has 2 floors will always have a Resplendent Chest on the second floor.

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