Blizzcon Diablo Panel Updates

by DHAdmin on November 6th, 2015 at 3:45 pm

General Changes

  • Rebirth Systm - Start over but lose nothing
    • Gear is mailed to you
    • Keep Hours played
    • Keep characters records
    • Take the same character and start over fresh in a season.
  • Seasons:
    • No more season exclusive legendary items
    • However you get a guaranteed 6 piece set.
    • Seasons will be 3 months going forward
    • New stash tab for season journey, up to a total of 10.
  • 175 new bounties between Act 3, 4 and 5.
  • Monster Health Reduced in Greater Rifts for groups small than four.
  • Set dungeons - When you attain a six piece class set bonus, complete objectives in theme dungeons specifically designed to test your master, and earn unique rewards and achievements.
    • Instead of dying, taking fatal damage will result in dungeon failure. (Hardcore Heroes included)
    • Game difficulty has no effect on dungeon difficulty.
    • Uliana's Set Dungeon Objectives:
      • Kill 200 Monsters without taking fatal damage.
      • Kill 21 different enemies at once with exploding palm 0 / 3
      • Take no fire damage for the duration of the dungeon.
      • Mastery - Kill all monsters and complete all objectives within time limit.
    • Firebird's Finery Set Dungeon Objectives:
      • Kill 355 Monsters without taking fatal damage.
      • Kill 45 enemies on fire within 3 seconds 0 / 3
      • Kill enemies with the Meteor that revives you 0 / 20
      • Mastery - Kill all monsters and complete all objectives within time limit.
  • Guaranteed Set - complete set Journey objectives and you will earn a full item set by the end of Chapter 4.
  • Empowered Rifts - Empower your Greater Rifts for an even more fantastic reward! An Empowered Rift offers four opportunities to upgrade a legendary gem.
    • Gold Costs to Empower Greater RIft:
    • Greater Rift 1 - 159,000 Gold
    • Greater Rift 25 - 4.6 Million Gold
    • Greater Rift 50 - 49.9 Million Gold
    • Greater Rift 75 - 540 Million Gold
  • New Kanai Cube Recipe:
    • Add Primary Stat at x5 Gem Rank
    • Augment Legendary Effects
  • Damage numbers being changed. 12,345,456,789 will be shown as 12.3B or even 12,345M for example.
  • Death's Breath Visibility - Colour being changed to be easier to see.
  • Compare stat changes when changing follower items.

New Zones

  • Each area has new monsters, fights and tilesets.
  • Royal Quarters: Leoric's Private Quarters
  • Eeternal Woods
  • Greyhollow Island

New Enemies

User Interface Changes

Integrated duration's of skills. You can now see a bar above the skill icons.

Buff Holder to keep track of all your buffs.

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