Season of Greed Sweepstakes

by DHAdmin on June 21st, 2018 at 1:42 am
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If you want to take on challenges with a build and class you may never use, Challenge Rifts are the perfect opportunity. Haven't tried them yet? If you want to know what they are all about, the rewards they contain and how to play them, keep reading on!

What Are Challenge Rifts?

If you know what a Greater Rift is, then a Challenge Rift is exactly the same, except that it has been completed by another player. When another player completes a Greater Rift, we take a "snapshot" of their account and use it to formulate the Challenge Rift every week. The Challenge Rift we create includes a clone of the other player's character, along with all their skill loadout, paragon levels, and equipment.

If a video explanation would help in demystifying what a Challenge Rift is, watch our initial announcement.

With the upcoming Season 14 of Diablo III getting closer and closer, changes have been made that will make a majority of eager treasure hunters even more excited to jump right in!

There is a Double Treasure Goblin buff that will run all throughout the Season. And to make the deal even sweeter for you guys, Greed-themed gaming peripherals are up for grabs! Want to grab one for yourself? Keep reading on!

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From today, Greed-themed versions for MSI gaming laptop, Xbox One® and PlayStation® 4 will be given out (one at a time for each platform). A Facebook post will announce the winner of each version. If you would like to be in the running to get your hands on one of these excellent prizes, just comment #SweepstakesEntry on any post with the prize your heart desires.

The good news doesn't stop there! We are also giving away a customized Xbox One in partnership with Major Nelson from Xbox and gaming laptop in partnership with MSI. This gives you two means of winning great prizes. For further details, keep your eyes glued to our partners' Twitter channels.

Click here to check out the official rules for the sweepstakes.

Today, the Season of Greed goes live! If you want to stand a chance at nabbing one of these awesome prizes, keep visiting our Diablo Facebook page Diablo Facebook page and following our partners' Twitter accounts. Also, prepare yourself for Season 14 because you will be seeing double when hunting all the Treasure Goblins!

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