The Nintendo Switch Version of Diablo III is Around the Corner

by DHAdmin on October 19th, 2018 at 1:36 pm
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Nintendo Switch Pack Box set

The Eternal Collection of Diablo III for Nintendo Switch is just weeks away, and we know you can't wait to slay demons, hunt for loot and make memories with the online and local co-op modes!

On top of giving you the chance to play the Burning Hells on the move, there is a surprise that will make it worth the wait. Blizzard has teamed up with Nintendo and created the Diablo III Eternal Collection Bundle for the Switch, and it's filled with plenty of goodies that even Greed would be envious of.

Diablo III Eternal collection screenshot

The Eternal Collection Bundle for Nintendo Switch contains a Diablo III Eternal Collection download code and a Switch console, dock and carrying case with a Diablo theme. This is the definitive edition of Diablo III, as it contains all the features and updates released thus far, as well as the expansion, Reaper of Souls, and content pack, Rise of the Necromancer. Fans of the Zelda series also get the Ganondorf cosmetic armour set, allowing them to play as one of the greatest villains of all time, as well as other goodies from the magical land of Hyrule.

Necromancer Cosmetic Pack

Whether you are a newbie looking to kill their first demon or a seasoned pro who wants to collect more loot in the Eternal Conflict, playing Diablo III on the Switch is the best way to take this infinite adventure with you everywhere you go. Grab your special edition Switch console while stocks last. Don't let them get away from you like a Treasure Goblin making a b-line for a portal!

Want to know how you can grab one of these consoles? If you're in North America, head on to GameStop. If you're in Canada, go to EB Games. People in New Zealand and Australia should check with their local retailers.

Are you ready to party up with other Nintendo Switchers? November 2nd is around the corner so leave your thoughts in the comments section, and we'll talk again when the Diablo III's portable version launches!

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