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by DHAdmin on February 3rd, 2019 at 11:10 am
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Diablo III Season 16 questions

The battle for Sanctuary just got an influx of new players since the Nintendo Switch got its own version of Diablo III that is why some questions need to be answered for the newcomers.

For console and PC players, there is a wealth of game knowledge at their disposal, which is great. So, on top of posting helpful tips on social media, the Diablo III team will be blogging as well to share helpful information to connect these groups of people.

Useful tips from seasoned pros from the Diablo community will be featured on a weekly basis. Drop a comment on Twitter or share your views in the comments section below if you have something helpful new players should know. New topics will be covered every week, so if you can't contribute to the current topic, don't worry about it.

If you have any additions, now is your chance for the community to see them.!

Diablo III Season 16 tips and questions

Tip #1: Set, Legendary, Rare, Magic and Common are the five types of items in Diablo III. The mostThe most powerful items on the list are Set and Legendary, which need identification before use.

Question: What do new players need to know about hunting?

Question: What are some useful item hunting tips for new players?

Tip #2: Don't forget you can customise specific gear pieces using Artisans you find in each town hub.

Question: What are your crafting tips for new players?

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