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by DHAdmin on April 24th, 2019 at 2:04 am
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Diablo III ptr patch 2.6.5. test updates

Hi, Diablo III fans! With the still active PTR, we thought we'd share the good news that it has been extended until the 26th of April!

Furthermore, since fans have been sending feedback to the team about the PTR, a patch will be available early next week that comes with some tweaks and bug fixes that are a result of extensive testing from the community and the development team. There's plenty to share in regards to this exciting news, and when the patch is deployed, the patch notes will explain everything.

Patch 2.6.5 Updates


  • Improvements have been made to the rewards for Greater Rift Keys, Organs and Infernal Machines.
  • To match Greater Rift, 75, 70 and 65, Damage and Health of the enemies in Torment 16, 15 and 14 has been tweaked, respectively.


  • Chantodo's Will
  • The damage of the Wave of Destruction and Attack Speed will now scale together.

  • Akkhan's Leniency
  • Blessed Shield's damage is increased by 30- to 35-percent for three second when you hit an enemy with it.

  • Sin Seekers
  • Rapid Fire will now also get a damage increase of 250- to 300-percent.

  • Grace of Inarius
  • 6-piece Bonus.

    A swirling tornado of bone will now be activated by the Bone Armour, which will increase the Necromancer's damage by 10000-percent and deal weapon damage of 1000-percent to all enemies in proximity.

  • Wojahnni Assaulter
  • Every 0.5 seconds you channel Rapid Fire, it will deal an addition 75- to 100-percent damage; and it can multiply up to 4x

    Wojahnni Assaulter-acquired stacks will stack at a faster pace

Bug Fixes

  • The Trag'Oul's Avatar 6-Piece Bonus will also benefit Necromancer Simulacrums.
  • Reverted Shadow's Mantle and Reaper's Wraps changes in the PTR.
  • The "Money Ain't a Thang" season objective was not being completed when in the Ancient Vault and Greed has been defeated in the PTR.
  • Fetish damage was not being increased from the Dagger of Darts bonus in the PTR.
  • When Iron Rose caused Blood Siphon to produce Blood Novas, they were unable to deal damage in the PTR.
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