Season 20 The Forbidden Archives in Reciew

by DHAdmin on March 29th, 2020 at 9:02 am

Season 20 - The Forbidden Archives in Review

Season 20 review

Now that Season 20 has been running for a few weeks, we thought it was time for a review of what we've picked up so far. We welcome your feedback as well.

In Season 20, there are 3 brand-new class sets to try out and we review the new armour sets here.

Horde of the Ninety Savages Armor - Frenzy

Horde of the 90 savages

In this armor set, there is a main Barbarian Skill known as "Frenzy". Frenzy is a single-hit attack that increases your attack speed each time you make a successful strike. If you get the Horde of the 90 Savages set bonus, Frenzy deals increasing more damage as you use it. What's more, each strike is spread out to all enemies located in a radius of 15 yards.

Blizzard have released Frenzy builds in previous Seasons, and the return of the Frenzy Barbarian Character is considered by many to be long overview.

If you enjoy thrashing and smashing around, then you'll love this set!

Season 20 Witch Doctor class set: Mundunugu's Regalia

Mundunugu's Regalia set featuring spirit barrage

The Mundunugu's Regalia set features another skill that is popular with Diablo fans.

The set is based around the Witch Doctor skill; Spirit Barrage. The Spirit Varage is a medium range missile attack that blitz's enemies with magical, spectral bolts.

There are many Witch Doctor builds but it's likely that Mundunugu's Regalia is likely to become one of the most popular builds ever.

Once of the major reasons for this is the fact that the Spirit Barrage is just one of the Witch Doctor's skills available in the set. There's also a new Diablo III game experience in parallel with Big Bad Voodoo.

Big Bad Voodoo normally only allows a buff within a confined area ie the Spirit Barage skill is only available in limited places in the game. In the Mundunugu's Regalia set, the buff can be used throughout the game.

Season 20 Wizard class set: The Typhon's Veil

The Typhoon's Veil

The Typhon's Veil class set interacts with the Wizard's Hydra skill in a completely new way. Normally this skill spawns a single, elemental Hydra that attacks your enemies independently. In the Season 20 Wizard's class set, Hydras are modified so that they grow extra heads and inflict even more deadly damage. There is a trade-off though; each time you take damage, one of your Hydra heads dies. This will of course will reduce the damage reduction the Typhon's Veil set would otherwise provide.

During the Typhon's development, there were some intial concerns as to whether this tradeoff would make this set viable for players

After this feedback, Blizzard made some adjustments to the set on the Public Test Realm 2.6.8 (PTR). An important tweak prevents the Hydra heads from dying off too suddenly with a two second delay between the time between heads die. At the same time, the amount of additional damage each head deals was increased further to help address player concerns.

Those are the notes on Season 20 we've put together, but we'd love to hear your feedback as well!

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