The Top 5 Cross Platform Games Of 2020

by DHAdmin on September 2nd, 2020 at 2:08 pm

Cross platform support is now a very essential thing for most of the multiplayer games, especially in 2020, and when games come with this feature, players are always in love with them. So, the article is going to focus on the best games that you can play across platforms in the current year.

Now, consoles have been the exclusive platform for games for a very long time, and the popularity of consoles grew because of that exclusive setting, where games are designed only for the consoles. So, in order to enjoy those games, the player must buy the consoles they are designed for. Because of console exclusives, people now tend to select between consoles, preferring some over the others.

One area that doesn’t get the recognition it perhaps deserves is perhaps online slots and casino games. These games must be designed to be used across a multitude of platforms, from desktops to smartphones (with dozens being released every year). For anyone looking to play some of the latest games, you can use sites here, which all offer top casino gaming software to their players.

But it is now very easy for today's players to own multiple consoles and platforms, and they seek to sync their games over all those platforms. It does not end there; most players also like to enjoy these games with their friends, who may not have the same consoles as them. That is when the cross platform games come handy. This is why people that love multiplayer games appreciate cross platform games more.

Below Are the Top 5 Cross Platform Games Of 2020


fortnite game

This is one of the biggest names or phenomena in the world of computer games. Since Fortnite was released, it has had a very big influence in the gaming world, dominating the arena for a very long time. The player base that it has maintained for a very long time can only be achieved by very few games, and it doesn’t seem that the game is going to slow down any time soon. It offers KBM support on consoles, and that places it among the most easily accessible games in the entire list. Fortnite could be enjoyed on Switch, iOS, Android, and Mac, Xbox One and PS4.


pubg game

When this game was launched in 2017, it set the world on fire, and gave the world the new genre known as Battle Royale. When PUBG was released, it stood as one of the most innovative games of the time. The core gameplay loop is very impressive. When you consider this, alongside the fact that it experiences constant meaningful and solid updates, you will realize that it is among the most memorable multiple player games you can ever play. The PUBG multiplayer game can be enjoyed on Switch, iOS, Android, Xbox One and PS4.

Street Fighter

Street fighter

The Street Fighter franchise is one of the most cherished in the gaming world. Since it came to the scene in the 1980s, it has taken and remained in the center stage of computer gaming. This franchise is all about classic fighting games and the game’s sustained popularity is based on the fact that it came with, and has maintained its cross platform feature. So, till today, lovers of Street Fighter can enjoy the title on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of duty

The Call of Duty video/computer game franchise has dwelt on the first person shooter genre for much longer than other gaming franchises. It has become a household name in gaming with its first person shooter titles. The modern warfare and the warzone are the newest installments from the franchise, and they are all cross platform games. These two games are unique in their own way. Modern Warfare came with the type of quality you only expect to see in the Infinity Ward, while the Warzone came with the most exciting and entertaining brand of Battle Royale ever seen in games. Both games can be enjoyed on PS4, Xbox One and PC computers.

Rocket League

Rocket league

Rocket League stands above many other games, and has only a few true competitions in the gaming world. The entire gameplay, the fun, and other features of the game take it high above many others. It comes with a very simple concept. It is a game that involves football, but with cars that are powered by rockets. It succeeded in dwelling on a pitch that almost everybody will be interested in, and it is one that many people will be glad to spend time enjoying in the field. People can play Rocket League on multiple platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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