Glaring mistakes and bugs in Diablo 3

by DHAdmin on September 19th, 2020 at 12:19 pm

The most glaring mistakes and bugs in Diablo 3 from across the years

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Rumors and teasers regarding Diablo 4 continue to rain down on us with increasing speed, suggesting that the long-awaited release might soon become a reality. That’s borne out to a certain extent by retailers like Game offering Diablo 4 for pre-order. As ever, it is likely that only a handful of those rumors will be true, at least in the initial release.

But what is it that gamers really want when developers spend years creating an update of a much-loved classic? The answer is simple, they want it to be everything its predecessor is, but that much better. If Diablo 4 is to achieve greatness, then, it needs to avoid the glaring bugs and errors that were part and parcel of Diablo 3. Let’s step into the Chamber of Horrors and examine the biggest elephant traps that the game has to avoid this time around.

Error 37

If you were playing Diablo 3 from the get-go in 2012, the phrase Error 37 is liable to cause a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. After all that anticipation, no sooner were we in the thick of the action than hundreds of gamers were confronted with that dreaded red box and the Error 37 server message. When Diablo 4 was announced at last year’s Blitzconn, Luis Barriga, the game’s director, acknowledged that the team would have to learn from the past.

He told reporters that the problem arose last time around due to the developers being reluctant to show too much during beta testing. He said: “We had a limited beta during Diablo 3. I think you will see us take a different approach here.”

Real money auction house

Conceptually, the idea of in-game trading between players is a good one. Done the right way, it adds a whole extra dimension to the game and the universe in which it operates. The key part of that phrase, however, is “the right way” and both gamers and developers are in agreement that the real money auction house of Diablo 3 was wide of the mark.

The downside, for the handful of people in the world who did not experience it themselves, was that gamers found themselves facing real-world financial losses. Now that is one thing in an online casino, where the whole objective is to offer a gaming experience for actual cash, but it led to all sorts of problems in Diablo.

The auction house was one of those ideas that seemed great on the drawing board. The real problem was what happened in Runescape, when gambling clans started to appear from every direction, using the game as a real-world money spinner. When the Diablo auction house showed signs of going the same way, the developers were right to pull it. Art Director Allen Adham says the team has some “pretty solid ideas” on how to incorporate a trading element into Diablo 4 that will not become a danger or a disruption to the gameplay itself.

Login issues

Less common than the Error 37 issues we mentioned earlier but even more frustrating was the Error 3006 that a substantial number of users encountered. This had the effect of throwing the gamer right out of the game and making it impossible to log back in.

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