The 5 Best Video Games to Stream Online if You Want to Make More Money

by DHAdmin on October 22nd, 2020 at 2:47 pm

The 5 Best Games to Stream if You Want to Make Bank

Playstation controller

Many years ago, no one imagined they can get paid playing video games online. Today, video game streaming is a lucrative business, gamers can gain exposure and participate in eSports tournaments while millions of viewers watch. Making money from video game streaming is not an easy venture, but choosing the right game can increase your subscribers and ultimately earn you revenue. Here are 5 best games to stream if you want to succeed at game streaming.

1. Online Casino Games

Casino games are timeless classics that will forever remain appealing to many people across the world. If you enjoy evergreen casino games consider steaming blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette or slots. While the audience enjoys the excitement of fast-paced video games, they also like to relax while watching slots or learn a few moves in a traditional table game. Also, when you stream online casino games, you have the advantage of promoting the game and the casino to your audience. Your gamblers may be searching for a new place to gamble, so they will try any casino you recommend. Moreover, when you promote Real money pokies, they may reward you with rewards or VIP membership.

2. Call of Duty – Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

The seventeenth entry in the Call of Duty series is set to be launched on November 13th, 2020. The much anticipated Black Ops Cold War is predicted to become one of the most popular games to stream on Twitch once it is released. If you enjoy FPS games, Black Ops Cold War could be a good choice for your streaming venture.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto 5

If open-world adventure games appeal to you, streaming Grand Theft Auto V may be a fun and easy way to make money. Launched as far back as 2013, GTV is still currently one of the most popular games to stream on Twitch. While other types of games might become monotonous after being streamed repeatedly, GTA V always has some fresh experiences to offer.

4. Fortnite

Grand Theft Auto 5

In June 2020, Statista listed Fortnite as the most popular game streamed on the platform. With a combined 9.45 million viewing hours, the shooter hit has been of the biggest games in the world of gaming. If you are a big fan of COD, there is a huge chance you might like Fortnite. However, both shooter games play differently and also attract different audiences.

5. League of Legends

LOL league of legends

As revealed by Statista data, League of Legends (LOL) is the fourth leading game on Twitch in terms of hours streamed. LOL is a freemium battle arena game, which means it is easy to get into as a beginner with low entry barriers and less cash. Asides from that, LOL is a great option for streaming to gain ad revenue and donations. If you can master the game, you can compete with other players in professional esports events and ultimately win a lot of money.

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