Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.2 Now Live - Updated

by DHAdmin on November 24th, 2021 at 12:05 pm

Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.2 Now Live - Updated

Bug Fixes and Item Changes


Over the last few days, developers have fixed a bug where rank 2 soul shard affixes could sometimes change after being socketed. They also redesigned some of these shards so players have more competitive options when choosing which one is right for their build and a wider range needs (55-62% all resistance). Finally they balanced several powers on each type with this update.

With this upgrade, you'll be able to dish out more pain! The power of your attacks is greatly increased and will reduce the damage taken from incoming strikes. For every skill on cooldown there's a 12% reduction in received blows as well as 25% bonus destructive force for pure destruction when enabled with rank 3 ring or sliver torments upgrades at 100 kills each proc rate.

Fragment of Destruction is a Rank 3 upgrade that reduces the activation time and gives you more movement speed. It also lasts 10 seconds, up from 7 in its original form!

Stain of Sin power now deals 25% less damage but when you kill 50 enemies it spews out an inflammatory pool blood that increases all your average enemy's damages done by 150% for 15 seconds!

You take 25% less damage. Your pet does 50% increased damage and has an additional 2-stack chance for Remnant of Pain Rank 3 power which causes collision issues with Mystic Ally but it's now fixed so that should make things go smoother! The Essence Of Anguish base poison spell is also updated: "Every time you deal DOT (poison) damage to enemies, not only do their cooldowns get reduced by 2+ stacks per second; they also gain 5% more movement speed while under its effects."

The Spirit of Archery is a terrifying and powerful new 2-piece bonus that can be obtained by equipping the Spider Queen's stem. The first time you cast it, she will weave an infested thread for 15 seconds with 1250 health to aid your attack! When enemies are caught in this web they become just as much part of yourself - granting all Corpse Spiders killed during combat 75% increased damage against them (including their own). And since we know how important positioning is when dealing rleationships like these...You also take 75% reduced harm while inside these webs; making use only 4 seconds before breaking free again if trapped too long?

Corpse Spiders are no longer affected by crowd control effects! The Ring of Emptiness has been updated to benefit attacks from all non-Fetish pets, increasing your power in combat. Additionally, developers have added a new mechanic for Spirit Archery Set which should give it more active gameplay--and thematic playstyle too! Corpse Spider can now take advantage off several buffs that buff Pets; this allows players greater flexibility when gearing up their pet companions with items.

As the Demon Hunter Embodiment of Marauder set returns to its roots, so too does it's ability to deal damage dealt by Sentries. The developers also buffed these two new sets - The Shadow’s Mantle and Cluster Arrow- which will make them more effective against multiple targets while still retaining their old niche in toughness stacking fights

The developers of Playerghan's new game added Cluster Arrow damage to Bombardier Rucksack, which should make this, build more appealing. The Necromancer set redesign was not strong enough so they increased its power in order for players who want that extra challenge of beating bosses faster with less health!

Wizard Firebird's Finery is a bit too powerful and should be scaled back. The 2-piece bonus reduces the power of this phylactere by Disintegrate which burns enemies with 3000% weapon damage per second until they die; when you go down in combat it revives your character for 60 seconds! You can't get any closer than that without being across from each other face to fiery furnace--or at least we thought so until recently. The 6 piece clothing increases our own personal Firestarter by 5000%, giving us vast amounts more chances at igniting foes before sending them up like fireworks during celebrations or battles alike While not quite invincible ourselves.

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