Europe's Top Mobile Gaming Providers

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Europe's Top Mobile Gaming Providers

screenshots of some of the European game provider games

Did you know European consumers spent $14.8 billion on mobile apps last year? Gaming is a tough space, especially since the nature of gaming industry relies on hits and typically requires companies to constantly reinvent themselves. Here are some of the top studios, with information on each one including what they do and how successful their previous games have been!  Although this industry thrives off hits there will always be new innovations coming out that change everything for everyone involved.


screenshots of micro games

Microgaming is one of the top European brands that has been creating online casino software since 1994. Microgaming also has been the first to create an online casino software that can be played on mobile devices. They have the world’s largest progressive jackpot network, having paid out more than €1.45 billion to date! They won Awards for excellence and Global Gaming Award's pride of gaming award-winning them as well EGR B2B awards HR Excellence Honour and more.

It is a world-renowned company that creates some of the most adrenaline pumping and gambling games around. With their quickfire methodology, these Lethal Games can be played in as little time. These games are mini versions of their bigger networked titles. One example would be "Quickfire." It's an interactive game where you have five minutes to get as many symbols mounted on your space bar before the next round starts.

The largest online casino pay-out to date was set in May 2009, when its progressive slot Mega Moolah paid out $6 million. A new Guinness world record has just been set on 6 October 2015 with a British soldier's winning hand that earned him £13 209 300 (equivalent at time €17 879 645).

CD Projekt:

screenshots of cd-project games

The CD Project is a studio dedicated to creating high quality video games, with an emphasis on fantasy worlds like those found in The Witcher series. Located outside of Warsaw they were founded back in 1994.

CD Projekt has seen its value grow to over $6 billion, making it one of Poland’s most successful companies. The Witcher and Cyberpunk games were both made by this company that creates video game content in addition the distribution platform GOG where gamers can purchase old titles at discounted prices with additional benefits. With over 30 million copies sold, The Witcher 3 has become one of the most successful video game franchises to date. It's no surprise that its first heavily Xbox One focused outing on Switch platform was met with huge success!

Other companies such as Microsoft, Sony and Tencent have a larger market valuation than CD Projekt. However, the business they focus on is different from what makes up most of their revenue-generating capabilities

But what sets them apart from other competitors? Well at first glance it might seem like there isn't much. Other major players focus on different types games or platforms; while CDProjekt’s specialization lies mainly within Cyberpunk genre where player explore an immersive virtual world looking for clues and information about the future of humanity.


screenshots of wooga games

Wooga is like the perfect storm for mobile gaming. The German company was founded in 2009.They started out developing Facebook games before shifting their focus to smartphones 2021 with their hit games. When Wooga announced that they had the world's fifth-largest number of monthly active users on Facebook in 2014, it wasn't hard to see why. Their first game Brain Buddies reached 5 million people 3 months after launch!

Wooga's second game, Bubble Island reached 4 million monthly players in 8 weeks. Even they announced that Diamond Dash had been downloaded over 11 million times since launching on 2011! In December 2018 however this was not enough to keep up with the competition one Israeli gaming company Playtika was acquired them for more than $200. According to Salista Wooga is a social gaming company that's been growing rapidly. In 2021, they generated 137 million dollars in IAP revenues which represents an increase of 17%.

Wooga’s games have 8.4 million monthly active users and 2 million daily players! The most popular of these is Diamond Dash with 15% more people playing it every day than the average social game.

Orbital Knight:

screenshots of orbital knight games

Orbital Knight is a polish game development studio founded in 2012. Even their first name was a bit awkward as Tabasco Interactive it didn’t take a long time for company to became Orbital Knight. They had been developing Bruce the Game, Blade Runner inspired platformer when they realized that it wasn't successful enough for their standards so instead of giving up on this project completely like many other companies would do during those times due to lacklustre sales or reception from gamers; Orbital Knight decided go down another route entirely by creating something more mobile-friendly game called Star Horizon which led them toward success!

The founders of Orbital Knight are dedicated to creating user-friendly games with memorable worlds. With their "fun for everyone" approach, they have been able to create quality digital products that will leave you feeling like a true champion in all aspects! Their best mobile game, Star Horizon was nominated for a prestigious award and won it! Orbital Knight games are Candy Patrol, Slashy Knight, Kickerinho World, Star Horizon, Dolphy Dash. They still develop games (for Android and iOS platforms). It generates revenue through advertisements and in-app purchases. Net worth is $5 Million according to zoom info. Synergy Blue announced an agreement to gamblify Orbital Knight’s mobile games, providing them with expanded game distribution in the casino world.


screenshots of rovio games

Rovio is a company that was started in 2003 by three students who won an Assembly demo competition. They made their first hit game, which became popular among Finns and led them to change the name of Relude to Rovio which means “bonfire” in Finnish.

When Rovio's 51st game failed to attract enough players, they turned to the low-risk but high reward strategy of developing Angry Birds in 2009. This puzzle adventure where you control a bird with an iPhone for shooting at pigs was No 1 on Apple's paid apps chart after six months! It also remained ranked there weeks later when it hit store shelves.

The original Angry Birds game was a huge success, so it's no wonder that Rovio is looking to expand their reach with another installment in the series. With this new studio located right here at home and all of those slingshot mechanics already built Angry Birds 2 is the inaugural game of Rovio's released in 2015. In October 2017, Rovio shares were sold at NASDAQ Helsinki and the company was valued at $1 billion.

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