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by DHAdmin on April 15th, 2022 at 9:17 am

What's going on with Diablo IV?

Diablo IV preview

It seems a long time ago that Blizzard Entertainment announced that Diablo IV would be made. And that's because it is. The first we heard about Diablo IV was during BlizzCon 2019. At the same event, Overwatch 2 was also announced but has also yet to be released, with some now saying it won't come out until 2023. It's clear that Blizzard Entertainment is not going to be rushed when creating new gaming content, despite many fans getting restless and frustrated.

Some fans were overjoyed to see a new Diablo slot game that can be found at slot sites like this. But the slot has nothing to do with the Diablo franchise – although it is a fun game to play nevertheless. So what’s going on with Diablo IV? Are we any closer to being able to play this long-awaited game, and what will it include? We’re here to answer these big questions.

What will Diablo IV include?

Diablo IV feaures

Diablo IV will allow players to make their way through the game, completing quests in the world of Sanctuary. The daughter of the Lord of Hatred – Lilith - will also be returning to cause havoc during the game.

Some features we have seen before are rumoured to return to the Diablo IV game. This includes procedural generation dungeons, loot-focused character building and re-playable. Some of the newer features to be added to Diablo IV include open-world gameplay and less linear structure, as well as Player Vs Player (PVP) conflicts and interactions.

The main element of the Diablo series will be ever-present. Players must complete quests by picking up more potent weapons and equipment to prepare them for future, more complex challenges and quests.

When will Diablo IV be released?

Diablo IV still doesn’t have an official release date from Blizzard Entertainment. So, any date you’re told right now is pure speculation and guesswork. Blizzard has been quizzed on the Diablo IV release date multiple times, and they have suggested not to expect that game to come out in 2022.

This means both Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 were announced at BlizzCon 2019, and both are not expected to be complete for over three years since this announcement.

Why is Diablo IV taking so long?

There could be a number of reasons why Diablo IV is taking so long to be made. Of course, these games are complex and difficult to produce to a high standard, so Blizzard will want to make sure they get it right, even more so after such delays.

Another big reason for the delay is that the lead game designer and game director, Jesse McCree and Luis Barriga, respectively, are no longer Blizzard employees as of July 2021. This was off the back of a lawsuit against the company relating to sexual misconduct by senior staff.

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