Diablo III Celebrates 10 Years

by DHAdmin on May 17th, 2022 at 7:43 am

Diablo III Celebrates 10 Years

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Today is a special day because it's exactly 10 years ago that the Nephalem arrived in New Tristram. They were there to investigate reports of falling stars and their discovery would lead us on an adventure into High Heavens where we met Diablo, The Lord of Terror himself!

Despite his defeat at our hands, he didn’t give up hope.  Ten more years later after still making us valuable protectors for all those who need protection against any nightmare brought forth from the burning hells.

Thank you, Blizzard! The company has been celebrating their 10th anniversary since the release of Diablo III in 2013. To show undying appreciation for all your support over these last ten years they're giving a mid-season buff ahead of schedule.

What We Expect from New Season Theme?

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The fight against the Horrors of Nephalem's Past has been an exhilarating one, and we're happy to see so many of you have enjoyed it. Many players will continue their journey through The Nightmare in search for vengeance on those who killed them or valuable items they may find along the way! Feedback around this new area has been positive with players enjoying battling its horrors while gaining experience and powerful loot along the way!

The Echoing Nightmare will be a permanent fixture in Diablo III. This new challenge will be available for year-round play. It's never too late to try out this new and exciting end game experience! There are still plenty of days left before the game is removed. Go ahead - make your way through The Echoing Nightmare today.

Mid-Season Double Bounties Event

diablo 2 map and bounties

The hunt for Sanctuary’s most wanted just got a whole lot more lucrative! All bounties will be doubled from now until Season 26 ends. Here is how you can score some of the coveted Ring Of Royal Grandeur:

You won't want to miss out on this chance! After you've completed all five bounties in an act, twice the Horadric Caches will be yours. That's double the chances for that essential piece of gear needed by your Nephalem Build.

But this isn't just any old cache.  It's tailored to your specific level! This means that if you're playing on normal difficulty or higher then there'll be more difficult enemies inside waiting for you to collect their bounty.

The Horadric Caches are scattered throughout Sanctuary and contain some very rare items. Some of these include powerful gear, like Ebony Mail or socketed Crystals. Don’t forget there is also always a chance that you will find an exclusive Legendary piece!

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