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diablo immortal characters ios announcement

Celebrate with us! The Diablo Immortal team is giving all players who pre-register an exclusive cosmetic set. To celebrate 30 million players pre-registering to play Diablo Immortal on Android, iOS and Windows PC the radiant Horadrim Cosmetic Set will be granted!

Gamers may purchase a limited time beta version of Diablos Innoruim via their App Store or Google Play Store. Starting March 28th 2022 iOS users may order their copy of DM from Apple’s App Store with a free in app purchase or by simply making an account.

The team is proud at creating an opportunity for additional battle-ready adventurers that want combat Skarn’s deadly demonic forces with success under his leadership. The time to pre-register for Diablo Immortal is now!

You can sign up on their website or through the Google Play Store. We cannot wait until you play as one of Sanctuary's greatest warriors. Exploring its vast story mode with friends in multiplayer coop modes that will test your skills against newly introduced bosses. The Angel Of Death and General demonstration map designers who are eager players themselves.

 Good luck everyone, you're going straight into hellfire!


The people of Sanctuary need your help! The land is under attack by evil forces that want nothing more than for it to be destroyed. All available allies must come together and swing their axe in order restore this land. You can stop them, but only if you sign up for Diablo Immortal before 30 million other players do so as well. A difficult journey awaits those who venture into the dark depths below us all. However great risk brings even greater reward.

Modeled after the Brotherhood of the Horadrim, an ancient collective of mages and wizards selected by archangel Tyrael, the Horadrim Cosmetic set blankets those who wear it in gilded excellence. Forged in light for only the most devout adventurers, the set morphs to its wearer’s martial expertise, creating a distinctive look for each class.

*Players from the following regions cannot pre-order Diablo Immortal on iOS from the App Store but can still download and play Diablo Immortal on PC, Android, and iOS once it releases on June 22 PT for: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. Diablo Immortal will also release on the same date in Vietnam but on PC only.

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