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Grab some of the most sought-after Diablo Immortal items on your way to Heaven or Infernal realms. Might as well be prepared for all those nasty creatures that await you in these places, so why not pick up a few new toys?

Call of Duty Gifts

Skarn’s diabolical followers have invaded the world of gaming and left behind some pretty awesome rewards for players to acquire. The first is a set in Hearthstone, which includes all sorts or cards from different sets as well an exclusive card never seen before by any other player! Next up there's Blizzard's Call Of Duty: Mobile where you can find another cool devilish device - this time around it could be either weapons or gear that are sure make your adventure even more enjoyable...and finally we come back over here at Diablo III where yet again Skarface offers something special depending upon how far through gameplay one may currently stand

Some may be sought after for their status as rare gear, while others will provide helpful cosmetics to dress up your character in style or fill that missing slot on any completed set—but all have one thing in common: they're not just useful; these gifts are also dangerous! Who knows what strange power could unleash itself if you open them without proper ceremony? Well then get out there and explore those ruins

If you haven’t already joined the fight to reclaim Sanctuary, download Diablo Immortal (apk) for iOS, Android, or PC in Open Beta. You’ll also receive the Horadrim Cosmetic set if you complete the Immortal tutorial within 30 days after the game’s release in your region.

Diablo Immortal Horadrim Cosmetic Set


Log in to Diablo III and celebrate the launch of its newest expansion with a special reward. Add some blood-crazed demons to your inventory by earning both physical rewards, like weapons or armor pieces made from demon flesh; as well an ornamental plant called "Blood Rose Pet." The flatteringly humanlike Sanguine Flight Wings can be found exclusively inside this area too!

The Blood Rose Pet, with its blood red leaves and tummy full of barbecued meat is one for all meats lovers. The flatteringly fleshy Sanguine Flight Wings will have you feeling like an angel in flight as it trails behind your body like a gorgeous charm against this world's chaos!

Diablo Immortal Hearthstone


Welcome the Lord of Terror to the Hearthstone. This powerful hero will be added to all players' pools in Healerstone Battlegrounds. He can unleash fire or brimstone as often as you like during your next run through these game modes with this cinematic creature from hell.

He may have raised hell at The Tavern before but now there's no going wrong when playing against him because everyone gets equal access—that means YOU could actually breakthrough into

The earth shook, fire and brimstone spilled out of the sky like blood from a wound. Diablo himself emerged onto his battlefield with an eagerness. That could only be matched by those who know how to milk this moment for all its worth. This is exactly what players are going do once they experience. HEARTHSTONE BATTLEGROUNDS at unleashing fire sensation! Download Hearthstone Battlegrounds APK for iOS, Android, or PC in Open Beta.

Archangel Tyrael


The Angelic Sheriff has arrived to keep the peace in your quest for justice. Recruit him and set foot into The Hearthstone Tavern, where you will be able add this paragon of virtue as a member of merc group!

Get ready for a fight! Now is the time to induct an Archangel into your band of Cutthroat Mercenaries. Add him as a Party Member so that he can lend his considerable virtue during any future bounties! Bring justice to the table with this powerful angel.

Immortal Call of Duty


Are you ready for hell events? You can earn an exclusive Lord of Terror Weapon Charm card by fighting off the enemies from hell. You'll also get a Great One sticker as well as another Prime Evil Showcase Calling Card in your inventory. Hellish battle waiting for you against these soulless creatures that want nothing more than your destruction...

The Operators must be prepared at all times because there are plenty hostiles waiting around every corner.  They're going straight down guns blazing so make sure to get your gears on before heading into battle.

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