Blizzard Entertainment Brings Diablo Anniversary with the Darkening of Tristram Event

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The Darkening of Tristram Returns on January

title of the event

Blizzards Entertainment is celebrating Diablo's anniversary in a big way with the Darkening of Tristram. Adventurers can experience an authentic 16-level dungeon from the original game, complete with iconic enemies and bosses as well as some special rewards! It is your chance to step back into history and explore one of the gaming's most beloved worlds.

This year, you can experience the magic of history with Diablo's roots. There is always something special in store for everyone! Dive deep and explore this year’s anniversary dungeon which is packed full of unique rewards for all adventurers alike!

Step into the mystical depths of Diablo's dungeon. With rewards and nostalgic vibes, it promises to be an experience like no other. Whether a veteran or a new comer to the series this is your chance to relive the history. Read on for more details about how you can take part in these festivities and earn some incredible goodies along with way as well!

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How to Find Your Way to the Portal Location?

For exploring the old ruins of Tristram make your way to Tristram's ruins where a secret pentagram may lead you to an exclusive anniversary celebration event.

First follow the Waypoint in Act 1 to Old Ruins and head left. Continue down towards Griswold's Fine Weapons which an enchanted portal will appear right at its centre. Enter it with courage. Even your character remains true don't forget about monsters of nostalgic lore await. Explore thoroughly for many unique objectives. They lie on twisted walls at this time that can be achieved by brave adventurers. Dare to take on this challenge? Discover what awaits as we go over all available tasks below!

Do You Think You Can Stop the Cultists?

Your journey begins on the trail of a group of mysterious cultists causing trouble in Sanctuary. Your mission is to track down the source of an insidious evil that has been lurking beneath Sanctuary's surface. As you hunt them down in Adventure Mode, you’ll uncover clues leading to a portal into Tristram’s past. Revealing Tristram's dark past that has been hidden away for so long. Uncover this chilling mystery before it consumes everything!

Cultist's Pages are actually tradable so you can work with your friends or communities to get everyone what they need.

screenshot of cultist and cultist page 3 on the action

Explore the Cathedral Test Your Power

Traverse an enchanted realm filled with mysteries, foes and legendary treasures!

Test your mighty power against the Dark Lord deep within the catacombs while discovering unforgettable secrets in this adventure.

Embark on a daring journey through the Labyrinth to prove your worth!

Seek out rare and elusive Unique Monsters, tracking them across multiple levels. Test your courage and resilience as you traverse 15 floors before reaching the Unholy Altar where two of these formidable foes await - conquer them both for an unforgettable achievement worthy of champions!

Experience a perilous journey into the depths of adventure with Level 2's Shadowbite and Rotfeast the Hungry, all the way up to Level 16 where you'll meet Sir Gorash.

Face off with Madeye the Dead and Brokenhead Bangshield at level 3. Get ready for Gharbad the Weak, Snotspill and Blackash Burning's daunting challenge on Level 4. On your way to victory you'll be met with fierce adversaries including Bloodskin Darkbow & Foulwing duo as well as their allies: Deathshade Fleshmaul Bilefroth Pit Master & Bloodgutter (Level 6), Blighthorn Steelmace Gorestone Nightwing Cold group (Level 7) up until Warlord Of blood Rustweaver Witchmoon gang from level 14 - all culminating in an ultimate confrontation against Vizier lurking within Levels 15 walls!

Unholy Altar guarded by Blackjade. Prove yourself worthy and receive ultimate glory upon meeting Sir Gorash at sixteen levels deep.

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Discover Precious Loot

Participate in the anniversary event and unlock special rewards such as exclusive transmogrification effects, achievements to show off your progress, unique portraits for a personalized feel, adorable pets to keep you company - and much more!

The Butcher awaits on the second floor, but beware – his cleaver transmog mustn't be forgotten! The Skeleton King sits in Leoric's Tomb across from there. To reach Arch-Bishop Lazarus and The Dark Lord one can only pass through the Labyrinth: a treacherous maze of secrets including dark passages, chambers of bone and hallways for even those without sight.n

While some rewards are easy to find, others may have you scouring every nook or unlocking every achievement before you can get your hands on them. Can you earn them all? There’s only one way to find out!

What Are the Anniversary Event Items?

screenshot of anniversary gift items

Get ready for a special treat! Acquire the coveted Banner Sigil, along with two truly magnificent portrait frames. One of them is crafted to evoke an angelic presence and another one that reflects demonic origins. Discover even more delights in your package; like a Red Soul Shard & Transmog set off by the adorable Butcher Pet or Royal Calf Pet companions!

Uncover two legendary weapons - The Butcher's Cleaver and Wirt's Leg! This Magic quality item is the reward for defeating The Butcher while his twisted companion, Wirt’s Leg can be acquired by completing a special quest line.

Choose your destiny! The cultists are coming on the last day of December, and a mysterious portal awaits you in just three days. Unlock exclusive rewards during this limited time event before it vanishes forever January 31 at 4pm PST - don't miss out!

Let Your Journey Begins…

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