Step into the exciting world of Season 28 and explore its new mysteries!

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Season 28 Rites of Sanctuary Now Live

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Step into the unknown and seize your destiny with Season 28: Take on thrilling challenges for your chance to earn exclusive rewards - and much more. Journey back in time when the ancient power of Sanctuary still lay hidden and waiting to be discovered. Step into a world where you, brave Nephalem, will decide how this energy is used for an untold fate!

Destiny was started from February 24 at 5PM PST/CET/KST with Season 28. Explore all that awaits you now...

All About Season 28 Theme

Discover the ancient power of Sanctuary this season with Rites of Sanctuary, the latest seasonal theme! Take a journey through the Altar of Rites and explore what secrets it holds. Follow its instructions precisely as you sacrifice various materials - your reward is unspeakable power that will last throughout Season 28, pushing your progression to new heights. Embark on an epic quest now and see how far you can get in venturing towards discovering all mysteries hidden within these mysterious rituals.

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What You Expect From Season 28 Cosmetic Rewards

After many adventures, players of Sanctuary can return to a familiar sight. Rewards from Season 16 are coming back! But this is no ordinary return - new cosmetic treasures await. Conqueror Set Helm and Shoulder slots offer protection against the dangers lurking in every corner. Portrait frames act as souvenirs of epic tales. Truly daring adventurers will have their hearts soaring with the majestic Wings of Lempo that grace only those who seek both courageously and diligently for them amidst an ever-changing world!

Dip into cosmic serenity with the ethereal Taennin the Tiny pet, marveling at her starry radiance as she spreads ripples of angelic light. Or channel your primal power and summon an untamed spirit in the form of a ferocious Primal Hunter portrait!

Season Journey Rewards of Season 28

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Are you ready to take on the challenge of becoming a Conquerer? If so, dedicate your gaming efforts and reap great rewards! The experience will be worth it -you can receive up to five extra stash tabs for every Season Journey completed. Demon slayers alike, get out there and seize this exceptional opportunity!

Test your mettle in Sanctuary: Prove you might by completing a level 70 Nephalem Rift on the highest Torment possible - within five minutes! Radiate with Riches: Level three Legendary Gems to 55 and reap their rewards. A Winning Streak: Make this season one for the record books, earn two Conquests under your belt! Azmodan's Defeat is Sweetest at Speed: Get ready to challenge time itself as you take down Azmodan in 30 seconds or less; no mercy given on Torment X difficulty.

Greed Fearing None Except You: The Lord of Avarice cowers before you when faced with Slaughter Mode activated; defeat him without fear that his hoard will escape through portals opened by Treasure Goblins outside of Rifts. Pinnacle Performance: Put all previous efforts aside, reach Greater Rift Level 60 solo wielding only a Keystone obtained from any guardian who dares stand against you! Power Upgrading Made Easy: Acquire an Ancient Legendary item then augment it using Kanai’s Cube along with a gem leveled 50 or higher -- amplified power awaits thee!. Re-forging Better Than Ever Before : Unlock unmatched potential via reforging Legendaries items utilizing cutting edge cubesmith technology provided courtesy of none else than Kanais' very own cube..

Seasonal Conquest of Season 28

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Push your limits and face the ultimate challenges: Season 28 of Conquests is here! Let's see if you can complete these soul-testing tasks.

Players will have 2 minutes tops to battle their way through a Nephalem Rift at max level on Torment X for Speed Demon and Need for Speed (Hardcore). For those looking for an even greater challenge, try slaughtering 350 or more monsters in a Cursed Chest event at level 70 on TormentX difficulty in Curses! and Stars Align. Prepare yourself by reaching Greater Rift Level 55 solo while forsaking six of your Class sets in Years of War and Dynasty Hardcore. Last but not least - upgrade 3 Legendary Gems before going into combat

What Are the Haedrig’s Gifts

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Ready to unlock a few pieces of one of your favorite Class Sets in Diablo 3? If you complete Chapters II, III and IV of the Season Journey - available across Hardcore and Non-Hardcore modes - then Haedrig's Gift will be waiting for you! When opening each gift on the same character class that it is intended for, three gifts could give enough rewards so that an entire set can potentially become yours. Hurry now before these round ends or forever hold off until next season arrives if luck isn't with you!

Here are the sets granted by Haedrig’s Gift in Season 28: Barbarian – Horde of the Ninety Savages Crusader – Aegis of Valor Demon Hunter – Gears of Dreadlands Monk – Patterns of Justice Witch Doctor – Mundunugu’s Regalia Wizard – Typhon’s Veil Necromancer – Masquerade of the Burning Carnival

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