Diablo Immortal Bug Fixes and Patch Notes

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Latest Diablo Immortal Bug Fixes and Patch Notes

The Diablo Immortal team has been diligently monitoring all feedback and working to introduce bug fixes and patches to further improve your playing experience. Stay tuned for updates on the improvements. As they implement these types of changes for the iOS, Android, and PC in Open Beta versions of Immortal, we will share here for you.

Get ready for bug fixes delivered at lightning speed! These little guys are small, related issues and don't require a hefty download. But hold on, here comes the real deal - patches! These big updates demand a download. They also come with a whole bunch of exciting changes. Just remember, you'll need to update before you can dive back into the game.

Get ready, gamers! Diablo Immortal is coming to PC with an Open Beta launch. But hold on, this is not your regular beta. Hardworking technical team will constantly gather feedback, make improvements, and ensure that this version of Immortal gives you the epic experience you deserve.  We've compiled a list of known issues in the PC Open Beta version. We will update it as new issues pop up. So, let the adventure begin!

This Years Bug Fixes INCLUDING JUNE

What Had Happened During Server Transfer?

Last year, players were tackled some server merge issues. Technical team fixed a problem where Immortals mysteriously turned into Adventurers after the server merger. Your faction status will be restored, no harm done. Talented technical team also vanquished a bug that caused Diablo Immortal to crash when trying to inspect the glorious Wall of Honor post-merger. Plus, they saved the day by preventing players from being evicted from their Clans during the server merger madness. We're on top of our game!

January 10 marked a monumental moment for the diablo immortal technical team. They successfully resolved a pesky problem that prevented players from transferring servers if their Paragon Level exceeded the server's average.

Now, you can transfer servers without any problems, as long as your Paragon Level isn't higher than the top 50 players on the new server. No more roadblocks, it is time to level up!

How Gameplay Improved Over Six Months Period?

New Year, New Bug Fixes in January

Developers backpedaled on their decision to decrease the maximum punishment for Combat Rating scaling during battles with tougher monsters. They've decided to revert this change and bring it back to its original value. But don't worry, this u-turn will not affect your everyday gaming experience.

The Hunger Legendary Gem got issues and accidentally gave out extra haste. But don't worry, it is fixed! Developers also had to tackle a pesky problem with Shadow War registration not sticking around. And last but not least, the Crusader Legendary Item Torrential Refrain got a little makeover in its description to better match its power. Now, when you use Condemn, your enemies will feel all the damage right away.

Developers have addressed several issues in the game to provide a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

  • The Legendary Gem, The Hunger, now properly grants the effects of summon skills. Get ready for some serious power-ups!
  • Wizards rejoice! The Ray of Frost skill now applies the chilling effect it was meant to. Freeze your enemies in their tracks!
  • No more sneaking through walls! Movement skills will no longer allow players to pass through certain zones.
  • Defeating Ophinneb the Skin-Veiled now counts towards completing the Codex achievement. Show off your accomplishments!
  • Get rewarded for your victories! Defeating Zaka in the Pit of Anguish will now grant players the loot they deserve.
  • Say goodbye to disconnecting and disabled controls. Loading into different areas will no longer cause these frustrating issues.
  • Don't miss out on your login reward! Players can now successfully receive their rewards from the Brumaltine event.
  • No more getting stuck in the Silent Monastery dungeon. Enjoy a smooth boss fight against Sladyan.

In March, developers unleashed a flurry of fixes to enhance gameplay. No more colliding with enemies for the Demon Hunter's Strafe and the Barbarian's Whirlwind skills. The Demon Hunter's Vengeance skill now functions flawlessly with the legendary Hate Sheath. Barbarians can finally interact with NPCs and objects. Zoltun Kulle's fire walls in Destruction's End are no longer interruptible. Crafting Set Items is now a breeze, as players can utilize their ample inventory materials. And brace yourselves for adventure, as players can now start Corvus Expeditions without a hitch.

April's Developer Fixes

  • Mastermind Paragon Specialization now activates after player revival
  • Accursed Tower PvP matches start as intended
  • Accursed Towers now properly display occupied towers on the map
  • Certain events now appear for all players
  • Demon Hunter's Vengeance Skill no longer applies passive buff after class change
  • Properties for Demonic Remains now displayed correctly
  • Players who changed Clans can now register for PvP matches in Accursed Towers
  • Progress through the Dread Reaver dungeon is no longer blocked

May Developers Bug Hunters Extraordinaire!

  • Conquered the enemy that prevented Achievements from reaching completion.
  • Revealed the true class of each player on the Battleground Leaderboard.
  • Rescued Featured Activities and made them accessible to all players.
  • Put Bounties back in order.
  • Closed the never-ending coin portal of Battle Archive.
  • Stopped the reset madness of the All Clans on Deck event.
  • Equalized the rewards for the Helliquary Gauntlet champions.
  • Exposed the previously invisible enemies in Stormpoint.
  • Restored interaction with Hidden Lairs in Hell I-IV in Stormpoint.
  • Reversed the illusion of progress reset for the All Clans on Deck event.
  • Unleashed the power of checking Leaderboards for all classes.
  • Removed the annoying blackouts while accepting Contracts.
  • Corrected the misguided tooltip for the Fractured Plane's entrance.
  • Activated the Ancestral Weapon Properties, finally!

June Bug Fixing Galore

  • Stances tutorial no longer pops up unexpectedly.
  • Matchmaking for Conqueror event is now smooth sailing.
  • Return to Sanctuary event log-in task finally completes correctly.
  • Justinian's Favor tasks now display as completed and have accurate descriptions.
  • Shadow Contracts no longer mess with Combat Rating and Resonance Levels.
  • Strife debuff now properly affects the Five-Star Gloom Cask Legendary Gem.
  • Defeating Ashava now grants credit in the Dread Pilgrimage event.
  • Helliquary Boss difficulty in Hell VIII has been tamed.
  • Dread Pilgrimage event visuals are now on point.
  • Players can now enter Ashava's Lair during the Merciless Monstrosity event.
  • Hungering Moon event snag preventing players from claiming their Moonslivers has been fixed.

Closer Look at User Interface Customization

Bug Fixes for January

  • No more wandering around trying to find the Fractured Plane in the Codex.
  • Share your fabulous Cosmetics on social media without any hiccups.
  • Limited-time Shop bundles won't annoy you with red dots anymore.
  • Party-hopping made easy with the fix that stopped the invitation glitch.
  • Say goodbye to lingering UI issues when you reach your destination.
  • Auto-navigation won't lead you astray when you need to find an NPC.
  • Bug fixes for February was quick. Warband UI aligned flawlessly. Say goodbye to blurriness and hello to a crystal-clear Event Calendar view while fishing.

March Fixes Unleashed

  • Essence Transfer NPC Turush's text issue has been eradicated.
  • No more Shadow Clan confusion in the Activity Calendar - their icon will only appear where it should.
  • Today's tab in the Activity Scheduler won't play tricks on you anymore - notifications and automatic navigation will be on point.
  • Battleground and Social user interfaces are back in action thanks to some backend wizardry.
  • Gifting got a facelift - the Cosmetic Gifting feature is now glitch-free.

Bugs Squashed in April, May, and June

  • No more obstacles when trying to find a party through the Recruitment Chat Channel. Party Finder is now smooth sailing.
  • Accursed Towers' UI text is now crystal clear.
  • Daylight Savings notification message on AU servers no longer causes confusion.
  • Boon of Plenty UI is fixed and looking lovely.
  • Cursed Item red dots won't mysteriously vanish anymore.

May Fixes

  • Gloom Cask effect icon won't overstay its welcome.
  • Reviving is now possible without the chat window getting in the way.
  • Purge the Depths activity is now accessible through the Party Finder.
  • Party info is now fully visible even when the party is at max capacity.

June Updates:

  • The Challenge Rift's Inferno Leaderboard will no longer glitch out.
  • Battleground Leaderboard now properly displays standings for each Class.
  • Friends List finally shows accurate player statuses.

More Bug Fixes and Improvements!

  • Say goodbye to visual glitches! Developers fixed the visual effect issue with the Hatred's Heritage Phantom Market Cosmetic Set and the flickering issue with the Unspeakable Depths Cosmetic Set.
  • Shopaholics, rejoice! Technical team addressed numerous issues in the shop, including unintended options in the Legendary Gem Selector Chests, early display of unavailable bundles, purchase failures in Wynton's Grand Market, and shop inaccessibility after a network disconnection.
  • No more crashes!  Crashes are fixed during character customization, in the Dread Reaver dungeon, and when activating Ultra Resolution on certain devices.
  • Minor UI issues resolved in the Hungering Moon event, crashes when claiming Moonslivers, and reward discrepancies in the Recall a Friend event.
  • Plus, Hungering Moon Blessings stay intact in Elder Rifts. Enjoy a smoother gaming experience with these bug fixes and improvements!
  • Battle Pass: No more confusion! We've fixed issues with Rank 10 Legendary Item rewards and inactive Battle Passes.
  • Accursed Towers: Monks are back in action! Plus, all Clan members will now receive rewards, even if they didn't participate in the battle.
  • Controls: Left-mouse-button attacks work seamlessly now with WASD movement controls.
  • Boon of Plenty: Daily login rewards are back on track.
  • Fishing: Grab your rod! We've resolved issues with fishing actions on controllers.
  • Paragon Trees: No more cheating deaths! Immortal Clan players can rest easy during Shadow War.
  • Legendary Item Affix: Get ready for some serious lightning! The Crusader's Akarat's Rebuke Affix now works during Draw and Quarter.
  • Tong-Shi's Renewal: Open those Red Bags! And don't worry about missing out on refunds with Fortune's Favor.
  • Stormpoint: We've cleared the storm! From invulnerable enemies to stuck monsters, we've got it covered.
  • Party: Bounties are now shared exclusively through the Party Finder feature.
  • Helliquary: Say goodbye to confusing permissions settings.
  • Get ready for bug-free adventures in Diablo Immortals!
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