The Most Popular Student Games

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The Most Popular Student Games

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Playing games is one of the most favorite activities of any person. Why? Well, because it can benefit in many different ways. First of all, it gives you emotional relief because many scientists are sure that when you play games, you become happier, and it’s easier for you to cope with stress and some negative emotions. Second, it helps you build strong connections and improve your mutual understanding with your classmates in school or college. Games can also help you with your studies because there are so many developing games. And, of course, you can even earn money when playing games. In this article, we collected the most popular games among students so that you can check and decide what suits you the most.

Online Games

Let’s be honest: after watching Ocean’s Eleven or Hangover, many of us dream about going to Las Vegas and having a great time there with our friends. But in most cases, the whole trip with the travel expenses is not affordable for many students. The great thing is that nowadays, thanks to modern technology, we can recreate Las Vegas or Atlantic City without even leaving the campus. A PC or laptop and a good Wi-Fi connection are the only two things that someone needs to try online casinos. Having them, you can just click on the link, and online slot machines will let you understand how it all works, how to play it, and what the chances are to win the jackpot. Some people say that gambling for students is a bad thing and should be forbidden, but if it can help a student improve their financial situation and not spend a lot of time working on several part-time jobs and dedicate more time to studies, it can be a good thing.


The game for future entrepreneurs and CEOs is fun, and at the same time, it is very educational. Plus, it’s hard to find some of the most popular board games of all time because they play it in almost every corner of the world. And the rules are not that difficult as well. You have to create a little business, make investments, pay some taxes, or rent the building, with the main aim not to become bankrupt. This game is one of the greatest ways to develop your strategic way of thinking. And what can be better for those who want to become successful businessmen and businesswomen in the future?

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Video Games

It's hard to determine the most popular video games among students. The choice is usually very individual. Some students like such games as Hitman, others are fond of FIFA and don't forget about those who like building something or creating cafes, islands, or farms. And even though many people think that students just waste their time when they play video games, it is worth mentioning it's not true. The positive effect of the games has already been proved by many scientists, so parents have to accept the fact that video games help to develop new neuron connections, help to get the experience, make the students more competitive, and teach them to create strategies to achieve an important goal.

Sports Games

For some reason, when people talk about games, they mainly think about something connected to the PC or, maybe, some board games like Jenga, but some of the most favorite games of students are still real physical games. We all love to spend an evening on the beach playing volleyball or, if there are enough people, football. Students love playing basketball, soccer, and many other games. And it is understandable. In order to study in college, you need to be strong and healthy, and there is nothing better than sports. Plus, it helps you to keep fit; therefore, people who are playing active games usually have fewer health problems.  


Charades can be one of the funniest games when you play it with a bunch of mates. Just remember how they were playing it in Big Bang Theory or Friends. And we all have that one “Sheldon Cooper” who takes the task too seriously. So, lots of laughter, positive emotions, and a lot of funny pictures are guaranteed. And the rules of the game are very simple, just in case you don’t know, you have to divide participants into two teams. Actually, there can be more teams if there are enough people. Each team should think of a word for another one. After that, you have to show the word to one of the members, who will afterward draw this word or a combination of words depending on the task on the clipboard. You can make the games easier or more difficult by setting a time limit, for example, by letting them not only paint but also show something.

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