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The RPG genre only looks simple and understandable. It would seem that click on the left mouse button and call out the abilities in time. But in fact, the whole gameplay is much deeper than it might seem. You can't figure out all the abilities, classes, and subtleties of building a build right off the bat. If you are new to Diablo 4 or have returned to the series after a long time, then in this guide you will find answers to many questions of interest

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Which Class to Choose in Diablo 4

One of the most important choices you are going to make is choosing a character class. Each of the five initial ones has its advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to choose the one that suits your style of play. Barbarians and druids, as a rule, go straight into the very crowd of opponents, the necromancer and wizard keep at a distance, relying on magic or summoned skeletons. And the robber does not care about the style of the game, he can go into close combat, and scatter everyone from a long distance.

It is frequently advised for novices to take as the first character: a barbarian or a rogue. The first one absorbs damage and perfectly scatters evil spirits with his bare hands. It is easier to pump it and not to sweat with a certain build of abilities. As they say: the top solution for those who do not want to waste extra time on third-party guides.

The Rogue is also perfect for beginners due to its versatility. You can give him a sword, or two swords, or two daggers, or a bow, or a crossbow – anything. He can fight in any style and with any weapon, except for specialized axes and magic staffs for another class.

What Level of Difficulty to Choose

The world-level system is a great approach to learning the core concepts of Diablo 4. For instance, the first-world level of difficulty is advised for players of 1-50 levels. You can always increase the difficulty at any time. It is enough just to walk to a certain statue in Kiovashada.

The higher the world difficulty level, the more it offers bonuses to experience and gold. But at the same time, it significantly increases the health and strength of opponents, as well as comparing not to living with unpleasant features. Yes, someone is quite ashamed to play on the first difficulty. But Diablo is not a game where the first level is suitable only for casual.

Legendary Diablo 4 Items and Where to Find Them

There are 5 levels of items in Diablo 4: normal, magical, Rare, legendary, and unique. Of course, you can buy Diablo 4 gold to get them. Legendary items are extremely powerful clothes with five modifiers, the last of which is the legendary affix. You can extract magical aspects from legendary items and add them to any other item. It is enough to come to an occultist, which is available in any major city. The most popular legendary items include the Amulet of Chilling Frost, Tunic of Perilous Tread, and Amulet of Pulling Whirlwind.

The main thing you should learn is that the legendary affix on the orange object falls out randomly. That is, there is no fixed buff that the developers have added. Therefore, you need to carefully study each legendary item that has fallen out and, if there is an interesting affix, save it until the next visit to the occultist.

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How to Access and Use Portals

When visiting a new city, the first step is to open the city gateway so you can travel quickly. Additionally, you will get a solid amount of experience points for exploring a specific area. As a rule, teleportation stones are situated in the center of every major city.

Diablo 4 has a new teleportation system. You no longer need to buy scrolls and learn a certain spell. Now returning to a major city works on the principle of League of Legends: anytime, anytime. This greatly simplifies moving around the open world and reduces the time spent on completing quests.

How to Restore Health

The system of restoring health points is very different from other games in the Diablo series. You are immediately handed four potions to utilize at the start of your quest. They can be replenished by talking to a healer in the city or activating the blood well, which is found all over the map. Most often, large red healing flasks fall out of enemies, which fill your potion supply.

Always restore your health to the maximum if there are extra red flasks lying around you after the battle. Over time, they will disappear, and without proper restoration of vitality, you may fall under a critical blow from a large undead, which will instantly send your hero to the point of rebirth.

Potion bottles drop out during boss encounters when you take out a particular amount of health from the adversary. Under the boss's name, there are usually triangle markings. They are frequently in charge of a new phase of attacks, as well as the time when you might obtain extra health flasks.

How to Increase the Number of Medicinal Potions

In prior games in the series, you could purchase healing potions and not worry about your health while exploring the dungeons. Everything is changed in Diablo 4. At the first level, you will be limited to carrying no more than four vials. To increase their number, you will have to perform secondary quests and "clean" the map from activities.

With each completed task or cleared dungeon, your level of fame will grow. Each region in the open world has its glory progression. At certain levels, an additional bottle of health is issued. You just need to open the map and collect the rewards in the "View Rewards" section. Because of this system, you cannot skip secondary tasks and run only along the storyline.

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