CS2 Skin Upgrade: Top 5 Skins to Consider

by DHAdmin on March 13th, 2024 at 10:48 am

Top 5 CS2 Skins To Make Your Favorite Weapon Looks Fantastic

CS2 weapon skins have always been an integral part of the Counter-Strike franchise. Currently, players have plenty of opportunities to boost the appearance of their favorite pistol, rifle or karambit.

CS2 Skins upgrade

If you do not have not done it yet, then try the cs2 upgrader at Farmkins tool as the first step you should take. Scroll down to learn how you can upgrade any skin seamlessly in four steps and which five skins you should pay attention to.

How to Upgrade CS2 Skins?

To upgrade skins for your CS2 weapon, you should first Register on the skin upgrade site and log into your account. Next, decide which skins you want to give from your inventory for an upgrade in the form of a skin from the website inventory. At this step, most platforms allow you to put up money as well as bonus points.

After that, choose items you would like to upgrade to, explore their value, and click the upgrade button. Now, check the top 5 CS2 weapon skins you should consider.

M4A1-S | Hot Rod

If you are looking for a clean and perfect skin for your rifle, the M4A1-S Hot Rod would be a nice option. This skin is characterized by minimalism, where there is no place for extraneous elements. Instead, you can enjoy a simple shade of red that looks quite attractive. This skin has been available since 2015, when it was first introduced as part of the Chop Shop Collection.

This collection was developed specifically for Operation Bloodhound. It should be noted that the skin is rare, and its quantity available for sale on Steam is extremely limited.

The price of the M4A1-S Hot Rod speaks for itself: you should be ready to pay between $686.17 and $750.44 to get it.

AK-47 | Legend of Anubis

As the name suggests, the designers of this skin were inspired by the theme of Ancient Egypt. The Legion Anubis skin looks especially tempting when the light falls on its gold and red parts during gameplay. Additional mysticism is provided by wonderfully reproduced hieroglyphics on the grip and the image of Anubis on the weapon’s body. It is worth noting a cool mummy image with bright red eyes on the stock. This is a fairly detailed skin that first appeared in 2020 as part of The Fracture Collection. Its minimum price starts from $18, which makes it a perfect option for a wide audience of CS2 fans.

Karambit | Doppler

As you know, Karambit in CS2 is one of the most expensive skins that became available in 2015. Also, they are the rarest as well as the most visually impressive. Speaking about the Karambit skins collection, the Doppler version definitely stands out among all versions of the game.

It has an attractive coating with metallic paint and is decorated with a smoky pattern. The knife can boast as many as seven phases that affect its pattern. This skin can drop from Chroma's, Chroma 2's, and Chroma 3's weapon cases. If you decide to buy it, its lowest price starts at a staggering $1,720.9.

AWP | Sun in Leo

Now, let's get back to the more affordable options. AWP Sun in Leo was first added in 2015 as part of the Gods and Monsters collection. It is currently one of the most popular AWP skins due to its eye-catching dark blue body color with intricate zodiac map patterns and astrological symbols. The back part, barrel and the scope remain unpainted. The price of the skin, which starts at $15.73, is also pleasing.

M4A4 | Asiimov

M4A4 Asiimol skin

This skin is considered one of the iconic and was created by Coridium. It became available in 2013 as part of The Winter Offensive Collection, which was released together with the famous "Winter Offensive" update. The skin has a futuristic design that will definitely not leave you indifferent. The body of the weapon is white with a black and orange pattern in the form of stripes. Also, you can enjoy numerous graphic elements in the form of geometric shapes. The price for this skin varies between $91.39 and $742.01.

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