Playing Diablo 3 with a PS3 Controller

Posted by DHAdmin on April 30th, 2012 at 11:23 pm

So recently I decided to play Diablo 3 with a PS3 Controler. It was a pretty simple process and a few AutoIt scripts later it works perfectly. The only real problem was getting movement working correctly, which I solved that by anytime I press the PS3 analog stick in any of the 8 directions my AutoIt script places the mouse cursor in a certain screen position and holds down the move key. You can see this during the video with the mouse moving sporadically around me.

44 Days till launch and getting over a nasty flu

Posted by DHAdmin on March 31st, 2012 at 9:00 pm

This is my first post on the website, so hi everyone!

I am currently getting over a really nasty flu and hopefully I will feel normal in the next day or two. Unfortunately this flu made me miss a giant party I was suppose to go too. Which when I think about it actually might be for the best, since I have no idea how they plan on having 250+ (Currently 289 people confirmed as going on facebook) people at a house party without things going horribly. Apparently they were inspired by the movie "Project X" and well I am only dissapointed that I will miss out on the complete and utter mess it will be.

What else... My roommate got me a pre-order of the Collectors Edition, which is awesome since I was having a lot of trouble finding any place in my town that was taking anymore. I know what you are thinking, I dropped the ball and should have pre-ordered a while ago! In my defense I am just so accustomed to Collector and Limited editions not being rare at all, I can't count the times I have gone into Best Buy and saw Limited Editions in the store months after release.

That's about all that's worth mentioning. I plan on playing some Starcraft 2 tonight and hopefully hitting Diamond as Zerg. On the topic of D3RMT itself, the website is progressing nicely and should be ready for public viewing in about a month.

Bye for now

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