new HC monk is born!

Posted by Member zerokewl on 12/21/12 07:03 AM #1
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Just started. Lvl 6 monk looking for friends and maybe handouts as you see fit. I have a little hustle going on to generate some gold, but who knows how ling that will last. I know my first buy will be my bank.
Posted by Member Detski on 12/21/12 01:36 PM #2
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I wouldn't mind rushing you up a few levels. I actually find it kind of fun. Just, you know, don't get mad at me if you die :)
Posted by Member razer22 on 12/21/12 02:14 PM #3
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Time to revive my DH. Gonna add you
Posted by Member zerokewl on 12/21/12 05:24 PM #4
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Thank you both! Looking forward to enjoying the rush, also I am pretty sure my level of caring about a room is directly tied to the amount of gold invested...since I am on the game to waste/spend time.

Download.mumble and well do this.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 1/5/13 12:27 PM #5
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Mrs mink passed away yesterday at 33. Act 4 Key warden, rare bombing guys, and elite pack with jailer caused her demise.

Have a DH and. WD now. Enjoying the WD most so far. Time will tell, but reading up on leveling advice.
Posted by Member razer22 on 1/5/13 05:43 PM #6
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@zerokewl Oo, I'm sry to hear that. But, did you at least get that adrenaline rush when your monk was in danger? I'm guessing most ppl don't even remember how dangerous act4 kw can be since once you get the infernal plan you probably won't return to that area. His healing-reducing attack coupled with other elites in the area is very deadly.

I remember I almost lost my HC monk to it also. There was another pack of elite succubus that I pulled by accident and somehow I managed to run away with a bit of health left. Heart was pumping like crazy at that time.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 1/5/13 10:30 PM #7
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What level was your monk?

As you may know I am working on MP10 project to see if those various classes can complete up to Nightmare Act 1 in MP10. I found that, at least with WD, MP10 actually made the game easier since the XP gained will be so fast that my toon out-level those mobs and bosses by simply following the story line.

Add me douvinsky#1811. I won't be rushing you (I personally want to keep track of my progress in MP10 solo), but maybe I have some great items which I could water down to you (as long as I am leveling faster than you!), when I purchases upgrade from AH those old lower level gears need to go.

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