DH with a Sword

Posted by Member Khan on 12/24/12 05:02 PM #1
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I know...I'm crazy. I'm plain weird.

As I'm geeking out on my new favorite class, the Demon Hunter, I decided to try this interesting build. The catch is that I'm using a sword and a shield instead of the usual DH kit. For the sword I'm using an Azurewrath with an 11% chance to freeze and the shield is a Stormshield with a 2% chance to freeze. You see where this is going, eh?

I added a SOJ with cold damage and grenade damage and things started to get fun. Of course my DPS went from a little over 150k down to 40k but things are frozen and die quite quickly.

I'm working on tweaking this so to get to higher MP levels (using spike traps is definitely something I'm looking at) but right now MP3 is comfortable and I even beat Azmodan MP3 in 44 seconds with 40k DPS. Video of the battle here.



Posted by Member Shihiko on 12/24/12 08:18 PM #2
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... CM DH!

Is what it looks like. Seems to freeze quite often with only 13% chance to freeze?
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 12/24/12 09:14 PM #3
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I enjoyed the song, that is basically a mini cm wizard with that freeze.
Posted by Member Khan on 12/24/12 09:27 PM #4
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Yup! MP7 was slow grinding with the DPS. Need to find more DPS someplace.
Posted by Member shniggies on 12/24/12 11:57 PM #5
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dude, thats awesome
i've been wanting/meaning to try out some non standard builds as well, and this looks really cool...

i wanted to try adding a crap load of dex items to my wizard and see if she could just dodge everything
Posted by Member ecocd on 12/26/12 03:01 PM #6
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If you don't have CC on a Mempo, I would suggest a socketed Andariel's Visage. They're not all that expensive and they were practically designed for Grenades. You should also probably look into Rare shields. You may or may not be able to find a Dex + Life% + Crit Chance shield. They seem to hit the AH for cheap every few days. Both of those should bump your damage a bit without breaking the bank.
Posted by Member Khan on 12/26/12 04:55 PM #7
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Thanks! Will do some more shopping. I've been running just with the Stormshield and my Calamity and the results are "ok" with the 2% freeze chance.
Posted by Member Socrates on 1/31/13 11:47 PM #8
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You can get up to 5% chance to freeze on this:


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