d3 on android...

Posted by Member shniggies on 2/6/13 12:05 PM #1
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Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 2/6/13 12:43 PM #2
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Looks like he is just using an Android app to control his computer and then hooked up a PS3 controller for the inputs. The Android phone is not actually playing the game, it's just receiving video feed from a computer remotely.

I have done a similair thing before - Video of me and PS3 Controller

Posted by Member mantice on 2/6/13 04:08 PM #3
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I tried this out before on my gs3 but didn't have a controller hooked up to it. I'm sure that would be helpful.
I have a Nexus 10 (well i cant use it till next week cause its bday present) i'm definitely going to try it out and will report back on how doable it is. Also getting a nice bluetooth keyboard/stand combo for it.
Posted by Member shniggies on 2/6/13 04:29 PM #4
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i want to use this to monitor my auctions on the go
Posted by Member EnzyOne on 3/13/13 05:20 AM #5
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If only D3 was accessible on the go... =\
Posted by Member ninjax on 3/13/13 06:59 AM #6
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Just got a Nexus too...

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