Sony's Press Conference Tonight - PS4?

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 2/20/13 12:03 PM #1
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Calling it now, Diablo 3 will be announced for PS3 or PS4 tonight.

Moving on.... Anyone else excited for this conference? It's about time for new consoles to be announced. All we have right now is rumors and "leaked" images of their new controller.

It's going to be streamed live at 3PM Pacific Time. If your interested here's a link
Posted by Member shniggies on 2/20/13 01:45 PM #2
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interesting... i thought the "new" controller had a touchpad on it
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 2/20/13 04:58 PM #3
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Yes I called Diablo 3 on PS3 hours before the announcement :)

I will update the frontpage news post if anymore information becomes available.

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