Help: Beating Ghom (Inferno)

Posted by Member passover on 8/2/12 07:26 PM #1
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Hi All,

Need a bit of an advise beating Ghom @ Inferno(solo). Been trying for days but with no success.

below are my stats
DPS: 30k (buffed)
AR:680 (buffed)

Active: 1)Magic weapon(Force)
2)Hydra (Venom)
3)teleport (Fracture)
4)Blizzard (unrelenting storm)
5)Energy Armour (Prismatic)
6)Shock pulse (piercing orb)

Do I need to increase my resistance for poison? Is the HP too low? . Do let me know if the information provided is not sufficient. Thanks!
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/2/12 08:04 PM #2
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Your stats seem pretty good, the only thing I see being an issue is the amount of HP and perhaps a little bit more resistance. DPS and LOH is really nice though. Perhaps raise those a little bit then it's just about getting your move around the room down without staying in the poison for too long.
Posted by Member passover on 8/2/12 08:28 PM #3
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All right cool..thanks Anuiran! Will try as suggested.
Posted by Member shniggies on 8/15/12 12:44 PM #4
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i have a ww/cm build and im dying super fast against ghom... how much poison resist is considered "good enough?" With prismatic armor, im in the high 700s....
Posted by Member Khan on 8/15/12 09:28 PM #5
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I run with 1000 AR and 13k armor with Prismatic activated. I use a CM/WW/EB build with 40% crit chance and 500 LOH. I basically stand next to him the entire time solo or with group. Haven't died yet to him. A few games, the other three players died while I took him down solo. The elite packs in Act 3 are more frustrating for me. Shielded, desecrator, arcane enchanted is not a happy place.
Posted by Member kevinxlim on 9/7/12 11:18 AM #6
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When i fight Gohm with my CM wiz, I tend to somehow kite him keeping the right distance away until he drops some of his slimes then I start to go nuts. Helps to have hard hitters though lmao.
Posted by Member josephk on 9/11/12 04:09 PM #7
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ghom = harder than diablo, by far imo

those are some pretty solid stats, dps may be a little low though.
Posted by Member TacoMgee on 9/15/12 05:09 PM #8
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Just make sure you spawn his poison clouds around the edges of the map and slowly work backward
Posted by Member pseudolobster on 9/15/12 06:44 PM #9
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Posted by shniggies at 08/15/2012 12:44 PM

i have a ww/cm build and im dying super fast against ghom... how much poison resist is considered "good enough?" With prismatic armor, im in the high 700s....

I beat him with only something like 500-600 poison resist. It's all about making sure you're getting off enough tornadoes to keep your diamond skin up.
Posted by Member resnick on 9/15/12 07:11 PM #10
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replace wizard with diamond skin
when fighting him, your goal is to pack in the gas clouds as closely as possibly by tracking when he spawns him and positioning yourself accordingly so that you don't die once you've kited around the whole map.
Posted by Member shniggies on 9/20/12 11:53 AM #11
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not sure why i didn't think of this before... but i was trying to sit in the poison cloud and just blast away, but that was not working too hot...

i just move around slightly to get out of the cloud's range, and im good to go... having those little slimes help to proc more, so sometimes i wait for them

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