Post gold dupe AH strategies

Posted by Member eleganthobo on 5/11/13 03:47 PM #1
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Post your purchases, sales, flips, etc. what are people doing?
Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/11/13 04:28 PM #2
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I checked Hardcore. The prices seems unaffected.

Hence I spent close to 400m hardcore gold to start gearing up my monk.

Found a Skorn 1300 with 6.0 life steal listed as 150m in the Hardcore AH. It is a 1D12hr item. After 15 minutes of so I finally pressed the buyout button.

If you have no good uses for your Softcore gold, switch it over to Hardcore gold!
Posted by Member zerokewl on 5/11/13 07:56 PM #3
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Sick buy @douvinsky very jealous of you now...I miss my monk. Took 4 tries to hit 60
Posted by Member eleganthobo on 5/12/13 01:30 PM #4
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It's a sellers market.. Everything I was looking at to upgrade seems to have gone up in price, which is unfortunate. But there is definitely demand at higher prices and quite a bit of liquidity -- I've been able to offload some items I had trouble selling before patch
Posted by Member ninjax on 5/12/13 02:47 PM #5
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I think they're going to bump gold back up to 10stacks like they wanted for patch 1.0.8 during patch Tuesday.

Any ideas on how this could effect pricing and and strategies towards that change?
Posted by Member nuhertz on 5/12/13 04:41 PM #6
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I'd assume a lot of that is already priced in. Everyone knows it's coming, everyone is prepared. The gem/gold conversion was getting pretty close to that already.
Posted by Member Socrates on 5/12/13 05:42 PM #7
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I'm just trying to sell as many things as I can right now and stock up on cash for when that occurs.
Posted by Member eleganthobo on 5/15/13 06:30 AM #8
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@Socrates same for me. I was lucky to sell off $600M gold at $0.25/m after the gold dupe fix and before the change :)
Posted by Member hdvision on 5/15/13 11:33 AM #9
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Posted by eleganthobo at 05/15/2013 06:30 AM

@Socrates same for me. I was lucky to sell off $600M gold at $0.25/m after the gold dupe fix and before the change :)

Lucky guy! I put up gold all the time on RMAH and never actually sold anywhere near that amount.

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