Good bye.

Posted by Member Ammostiel on 5/13/13 06:27 PM #1
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Hello D3RMT, it's been a while since I posted.

For those of you who don't know, I'm an Enrolled Agent. This means that I'm as close as one can get to being a kind of "official tax preparer", and the title otherwise establishes my career as within taxation.

I have written this: . It's a paraphrasing of the entire US Tax Code.

I have written my own electronic tax filing software as well.

As I did last year, I filed my own tax return with my own software. I did so in the last week of the filing season. A week ago I received a notice in the mail that there was an error in my tax return. As it turns out, I submitted an entry for Self Employment tax when I in fact did not owe any, so the error and adjustment is favorable to me. But the problem is that in this year, me having errors on returns like this was not an isolated incident. I lost a customer because of a misstatement that I had made. I refunded my fee to another customer because I had misquoted information. There was a third return that I had initially given wrong information and had to correct before submission. This IRS notice about me having an error on my own return was the icing on the cake.

The notice was the wake up call which my life seems to have needed.

Across all characters I had logged at least 1000+ hours on Diablo 3 since launch. What is clear to me now is that I am incapable of maintaining my career in a professional manner as well as play Diablo 3 at the level which I had been before.

I am 34 years old and living in a house which my parents own. I push carts at a retail store to make ends meet because I have no clients in my profession as an Enrolled Agent. I could not justify in continuing in my lifestyle as I had done in the past year.

Because of these circumstances, I saw no other choice than for me to quit playing Diablo 3. I made that official today.

All items and gold given away.

All characters deleted.

All friends removed.

Game uninstalled.

I resisted writing this thread in the first place, as I generally regard Quit Threads as shameless attention whoring, but I think that it would have been more appropriate to at least write this much rather than disappear without any explanation at all. I'm only writing this to address the situation at once and to thank the posters and players on this board for the time which I had spent with you all, both here and within the game.

This is a good community.

Thank you all.
Posted by Member Khan on 5/13/13 07:06 PM #2
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Sad to see you go dude. You were one of the best CM wizards on this site. However I completely understand that you may need to take a break from the game. Come back soon.

For those that haven't seen it, here's some Ammo in action.

Posted by Member razer22 on 5/13/13 07:42 PM #3
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Good luck with future endeavors!
Posted by Member eleganthobo on 5/13/13 07:49 PM #4
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Good luck sir. I say this selfishly, but don't leave! you are an awesome groupmate, super knowledgeable.
Posted by Member Baldy on 5/13/13 09:16 PM #5
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So long @Ammostiel, I'll miss you popping online...then offline...then online. Then offline...repeatedly, for hours sometimes. But I digress, you will be sorely missed, and even moreso, your wife's artwork!

Good luck brother. And, the whole bit about you being a tax nazi, we won't hold that against you ;) You are still an ok dude in this guys eyes.

Posted by Member yoyo on 5/13/13 09:20 PM #6
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Sorry to see you leaving the game. I had a blast doing many uber runs with you. Maybe when RL starts to settle down you can pop your head in and say hello. You'll always have an open seat at the table. Good luck man.
Posted by Member shniggies on 5/13/13 09:30 PM #7
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@Ammostiel, props to you for all your help and contribution to the community!
its sad to hear about you losing customers, and i hope things get turned around for you in that regards real quick

gl with everything

we'll see you when the expansion comes :P
Posted by Member hdvision on 5/13/13 10:41 PM #8
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Take care @Ammostiel. Hope to see you back here in the future.
Posted by Member ecocd on 5/14/13 04:37 AM #9
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@Ammostiel Sad to see you go, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Thanks for your participation in our little corner of the internet. Perhaps we'll see you again in 2022 for the release of Diablo 4.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 5/14/13 10:40 PM #10
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I've had the song "A Man's Gotta Do..." from Dr. Horrible's Sing-along-blog going through my head these past couple of days, & it seems like a really appropriate song to describe your situation. It's sad that a balance between real life & gaming life couldn't be reached, & I totally understand where you're coming from, having had little time to play myself since becoming a father in March. Needless to say, I highly respect your decision to quit cold turkey the way you did, though you will be missed in game & on the forums by many players, myself included. Good luck in getting your career back on track, @Ammostiel! :)
Posted by Member flytiger on 6/27/13 03:17 PM #11
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Sad, just joined here.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 6/27/13 06:29 PM #12
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Good bye and best wishes to you.

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