HardCore Diary part Deuce: PowerBurn the monk

Posted by Member zerokewl on 5/28/13 06:16 AM #1
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Following your lead @douvinsky

Leveled a monk again to 60. I am now Plvl 10.99 with 21hrs 11 mins played time.

I feel pretty powerful for not too much money. The LS Skorn is a big help even though its dps is less than my previous skorn.

Current stats are

Dex 2000
Vit 1115
HP 44,017
AR 533
dodge 40%
Armor 3930

CC 46.5
CD 317%
DPS 85,393 unbuffed 98,202 buffed blazing wrath

Only found 1 leg from lvl 60, but it was a good one. An IK helm that sold for 21 mil.
Posted by Member Stukthrtl on 5/28/13 06:33 AM #2
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Congrats, sorry i couldn't help!
Posted by Member zerokewl on 5/28/13 06:44 AM #3
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No worries on the waypoint. going to post the pricing of my current gear later today. Super cheap this time
Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/28/13 09:20 AM #4
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Nice cold resist gears. You are much more focus than me when it comes to stacking single resist. I have had bad luck in getting nice ABs with consistent choice of single resist.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 5/28/13 11:03 PM #5
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Sorry the picture might be big.


not counting Gems, crafted mats my total cost was



Not sure about you, but that seems damn cheap for my stats if I do say myself
Posted by Member zerokewl on 5/30/13 07:28 AM #6
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Plvl 15 now 2 legs dropped both brims. Dps 86003.06 small increase only due to plvls.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 6/17/13 07:03 PM #7
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Well after a lucky find and big sale I redid the monk. He ended up Cold resist yet again. I liked tracking the cost, so here is a picture again Link for bigger picture


helm--1 (bid)
ammy--3 (will probably upgrade someday)

This total49.7 Million

Current Stats Plvl 5

Dex 1777
Vit 1162
HP 52,820
AR 500 (599 w/mantra)
dodge 37.8%
Armor 3789

CC 41.5
CD 395%
DPS 83,845 unbuffed 96,422 buffed blazing wrath
Posted by Member douvinsky on 6/17/13 07:08 PM #8
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Welcome back to Monk's world!

Posted by Member zerokewl on 6/18/13 02:41 PM #9
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Posted by douvinsky at 06/17/2013 07:08 PM

Welcome back to Monk's world!

Thank you!

Now do you know, or can you guide me to figuring out how to buy, compare, purchase 1 handed weapons? Maybe @yoyo or @Baldy could weigh in. I want to either move or try dual wield &/or SnB for higher mps
Posted by Member yoyo on 6/18/13 04:15 PM #10
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SnB is the wise man's way to go. With the burst damage a monk is capable of high DPS isn't necessary especially if you play in groups were the Monk's true value is a support role. Any one hander with around 3% LS and at least 800 DPS. Get a shield with AR, CC, Vit and %life, the extra armor will serve you well. (yeah I know, I should listen to my own advise.) lol
Posted by Member zerokewl on 6/18/13 04:43 PM #11
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Update on Legendary drops.

Nail biter...nuttin

Zuni Pox- Nothing too great aside of the pox. Funny story though

Running a public game in fields. I hit tab to open my map to see where one guy wander off and on my scree is the big pretty star. Funny thing is that star was on the other side of the map. I slowly made my way over there and to my surprise I see a green [Ring} sitting all dirty.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 6/22/13 03:14 AM #12
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Dropped my skorn for dual wielding monk. Sunkeeper w/socket and EF w/socket &LS. Sheet dps drolped but I swing so much faster I feel kike I do more dps and get a lot more ehp with more swings and tornadoes.

Bid my EF aand got it for 10 mil. I'm pretty happy with purchase thus far.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 6/24/13 04:13 PM #13
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Minor increase after going dual wield I bought 2 radiant emeralds for more CD. This morning I broke down and bought a radiant ruby for increased xp. I was using 27% now at 31%

I also had a good day for 1-handed weapons.

Sword with LS, bit, dex and open socket and black damage
Sword with dex, 65 CD, open socket
Fist with 1k dps and open socket

Will post a picture or update exact stats. They should all be quite good in my monks hands or on the AH.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 6/26/13 06:10 AM #14
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Being a bit risky paying solo. Annoyed with oub games as I always join at the end. Plus I level so much faster solo
Posted by Member douvinsky on 6/26/13 06:22 AM #15
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Posted by zerokewl at 06/26/2013 06:10 AM

Being a bit risky paying solo. Annoyed with oub games as I always join at the end. Plus I level so much faster solo

Create yours then open to pub. While waiting for members to fill in, do crypts.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 7/5/13 06:31 AM #16
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Great legendary day yesterday.

TAl helm
Fist weapon
2 xbows
Posted by Member zerokewl on 7/5/13 07:49 AM #17
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And Zuni helm. Left all but the 2 fists unided. Brimed the xbows.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 7/7/13 03:28 PM #18
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Finally sold my old EF..bought for 20 mil

Posted by Member zerokewl on 7/8/13 06:11 AM #19
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Okay so need some help. Where can I improve my monk for higher mp lvls?

My thoughts so far are to gem all vit.
Save and buy a CC nat ring.
Buy a better wkl
or regear dropping some innas items like helm or belt.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 7/8/13 11:22 AM #20
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Okay took some advice from @douvinsky and bought a blackthorne chest lost the bid on one I really wanted but the one I did buy was cheaper at 8 mil. Bid went for above 15 mil.

8 mil chest
198 vit
80 AR
40 Cold R
% 6 damage reduce

ALso cogent stop
Posted by Member douvinsky on 7/9/13 01:10 AM #21
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Didn't give you that specific advice to go Blackthorne...0-0

Anyway BT set is unrivalled in EHP I think. Personally I will be using 4 piece BT at P(100), I already have 2 pairs of Blackthorne's Spurs (one high Dex, one high Vit) waiting for me in my stash.

8 millions sounds like a good buy.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 7/9/13 06:06 AM #22
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Maybe I should have said lead instead of advice. ehp doesn't lie. I had been considering 2 blk set for awhile.

While shopping I bought some new non movement climbers. Then since no more nats I speed for a new ring got a unity for a bunch of gold. Will post pics later
Posted by Member douvinsky on 7/9/13 05:44 PM #23
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An upgrade for you next, on the BT chest, would be one with life% over 10 in addition to the double resist. Keep a look out. Hope you still have minimum move speed of 12. Quite important in manoeuvre around danger. 24 is better but for me I rely on 12 + TR.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 7/10/13 04:46 AM #24
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I do on my pants.

Drying my house after the storm on Sunday is resulting in my computer area being 96 degrees, so I am not really playing currently. Hence the delaying in posting pictures. Just doesn't seem like a good idea to use something that generates heat.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 7/14/13 12:35 PM #25
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Better late than never, but here is what I bought recently. The boots and ring have replaced my Natty 2 piece. Until I find a reflection with CC it is hard to make them work very well. Even then I may be tempted to just sell it off...not really sure what to do long term (hope to survive for it to matter)


25 mil for Unity. gave me a lot of ups!


As the picture shows. 11.8 mil!! Was the highest Dex Ice climber on the ah at the time with I THINK 1d8hrs. Everything currently near these stats is 50 mil up to 1 billion!

Also got black thorne 2 piece for ubers and what not...lowers my dps, but ups my eHP. Not sure if the trade off is enough to ever actually swap.


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