Grumpy bites the dust

Posted by Member Grumpy on 7/28/13 05:21 AM #1
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LuckyCharmX my monk, para 28, bit the dust Friday morning thanks to lovely rubberbanding after a lag spike. Was clearing Northern highlands and making the transition to lower area when the game stopped while fighting a tree......I screamed NOOOOOOO......10 to 20 seconds is back and responding.....YES.....move 2 feet and pop right back to original location.....over and over again.....crap...standing on a, second flower shows up, serenity, near death.......@#@#_%^&%$# "Grumpy has died"

I don't use TR so I can't blame it on that.......I am still 100% convinced this is on Blizzards side.

@Yoyo.....i'm sorry man, but that Sweeter than sweet Butcher's Sickle is gone.....i'll find you a suitable replacement as soon as I can.

New Monk is lv 32 and coming along slowly (I don't have Douvy's friends or resources for a power level). Should hit 60 by Friday August 2nd if I can keep the wife off my back.

~Grumpy (now yall know
Posted by Member zerokewl on 7/28/13 08:50 AM #2
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Sorry for your loss. If I see you online I hit you with what gear I can.
Posted by Member nuhertz on 7/28/13 11:07 AM #3
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Bummer, wish I had a better HC empire to help you with.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 7/28/13 07:30 PM #4
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Trees are extremely dangerous. I am scared of them the MOST, more than anything else. Flowers + Lag = Fast RIP.

I ran Field with extreme care and I hate it when pub players don't kill trees first. I don't avoid Field as I need the crazy XP from there but I would skip all other zones which has trees.
Posted by Member yoyo on 7/29/13 09:28 AM #5
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Sorry to hear that man. Don't sweat the sickle, we don't die on purpose. lol I still haven't got my computer from Dell and I'm still waiting for some parts on the one I'm building. Should be back to Diablo in about a week and we'll get ya rolling in no time.
Posted by Member Grumpy on 7/31/13 08:00 AM #6
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I swear it's a blizzard new monk to lv 54 last night, wake up this morning, start game, wait til computer adjusts (in act 2 sewers btw hell mode) drop into sewers, THE VERY FIRST MOB I ELITE, go figure, B-net quits responding UNTIL it's time to read the "You have died" on the screen THEN the "yu have been disconnected from B-net pops up.......12 hours gone and 2 lv 45 900+ dps weapons...........Time to take a break for a day or two and let my temper cool off.....lucky for me i'm on a double this week-end so won't play heavy again until Monday

Blizz says there is nothing wrong with their servers, that it's on my side, yet I can never find a problem on my end and no other game lags, etc.....I don't get it


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