Finally did MP10

Posted by Member douvinsky on 9/25/13 02:41 AM #1
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MP10 was once a myth to me, as in how the heck could you survive and farm MP10 efficiently?

At Hardcore, I was slowly moving my MP levels from 1-2 to3, 5 to 6-7, 8.

Yesterday with my usual farming buddies, people were asking what MP should we play? I jokingly said any MP but 1-6, and the highest I have done was only MP8. Then someone said let's try with 9 first. So, we went with 9 and it went well. Without me realising it, we were already playing at MP10 (someone up the MP level without informing me, duh).

We owned it with our group set up: me as the Pull Monk & three other Bats WD (average of >150k sheet DPS each). It is good that we were doing Crypt run and skipping the open area on FoM, as the poison from trees are very OP at MP10. If you lag while standing on the pool of poison, it is pretty much GG for you at Hardcore.

Note: too many blues on the ground, the leg didn't show itself until I picked up a few blues to make room for the leg to IK chest.
Posted by Member tsukiyomi on 9/25/13 11:49 AM #2
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Nice, yeah if you can hang at MP10 with a full party it yields some amazing loot and you level at an insane pace.

Whenever I'm in the mood to do some serious farming I want to take my WD for a spin at MP10, I haven't done it in a while, the last time I tried it solo my DPS was about 50k less and my health was considerably lower so while I could survive with great effort it wasn't exactly efficient.

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