Power Leveling?

Posted by Member NightCrawler9 on 2/27/14 11:00 PM #1
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Hello guys. Was wondering if anybody would be around to power level me a character. I've been wanting to get a level 60 Wizard but have had a couple tough deaths and don't really feel like going through it all again on the same character.

Let me know! I'll be around.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 2/27/14 11:53 PM #2
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If we are both online sometime tomorrow, I will!
Posted by Member Mylton on 2/28/14 06:35 AM #3
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I don't know about "Power Leveling" but I will be on most of the day and likely playing HC. A RL friend and I will both be starting fresh characters so if you want to join us a 3rd would be welcome. I sent you a friend request in game.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 3/25/14 08:26 AM #4
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My crusader could use a little of this

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