RoS Digital Deluxe Edition worth it?

Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 3/14/14 09:02 AM #1
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Just out of curiosity, anyone think the Digital Deluxe Edition of RoS is worth buying over the regular edition? I don't play WoW, so the Treasure Goblin Pet is useless to me, & don't really care too much for the Crusader Portraits or Decals for StarCraft II... The extra character slots might be nice if I still needed mule characters to store stuff to sell on the AH, but since that's going away soon, probably not.

But am wondering if the Spectral Hound Minion & Aesthetic Artifacts (i.e., the trio of ageless helms and a full complement of Malthael-inspired weapons) might be worthwhile... anyone know anything about those items? Does the pet do decent damage?
Posted by Member Mylton on 3/14/14 09:14 AM #2
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The pet is cosmetic only... The only functional thing you gain are the character slots. Everything else is just graphical.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 3/14/14 10:25 PM #3
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Hmm.. ok, thanks. I guess that answers my question then... ;-)
Posted by Member Mylton on 3/16/14 03:56 PM #4
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I am wondering now about the extra character slots and the hinting at some kind of ladder system. If there is a ladder with features that make it attractive to play and it requires you to use character slots from your existing pool, the relative value of the digital deluxe version may have gone up considerably - at least for players like myself that tend to move from one character to another quite a bit.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 3/16/14 08:57 PM #5
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I think it's worth it for the character slots. Especially if a ladder system comes as @Mylton mentioned.

I however do really like the pet, makes my monk almost feel like a necromancer with all my summons following me.

Edit: You also get 3 booster packs in Hearthstone. I hope the weapon transmogrifications look good in game.
Posted by Member Bort on 3/18/14 02:16 PM #6
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I got it for the character slots for pretty much 2 reasons.

I have 1 char on lvl 60 of each class currently. Meaning if I want to casually play with my cousin and his low level chars I'm too overpowered. And I don't want to delete one of my lvl 60s just for that.

And I simply never have enough inventory space. :)
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 3/20/14 05:16 PM #7
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Just got my Hearthstone packs.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 3/21/14 09:39 AM #8
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I am also going back and forth. Thinking I will get digital regular edition though.
Posted by Member Baldy on 3/21/14 04:13 PM #9
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I already ordered mine using Discover reward points via Amazon. RoS is supposed to ship before the release date so that I get my grubby paws on it the day of. Free is a good price for this expansion, me thinks.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 3/24/14 08:23 AM #10
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I ended up getting the regular edition myself. Used Battlenet Balance to pay for it. Love it or hate it, the RMAH at least helped me to pay for the RoS expansion... :-)
Posted by Member theoryzero on 3/24/14 09:13 AM #11
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I already had the RoS Collector's Edition preordered from Amazon to go with my vanilla Collector's Edition. I ended up buying the regular edition for a friend with my bnet balance. Part of me misses the AH, I sold off stuff that really hampered my Witch Doctor in 2.0. Hoping to rectify that soon. Hope Amazon ships my copy soon too, I plan to pick it up from UPS first thing tomorrow morning.
Posted by Member EnzyOne on 3/27/14 09:08 PM #12
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Worth it for the extra character slots, I thinks.

Anyone get a Feat of Strength achievement for registering their RoS CE? I didn't.
Posted by Member h311o on 3/28/14 05:21 AM #13
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Posted by EnzyOne at 03/27/2014 09:08 PM

Worth it for the extra character slots, I thinks.

Anyone get a Feat of Strength achievement for registering their RoS CE? I didn't.

Found a Blue's answer to a similar question on the forums but can't link. No bnet allowed at work :(

Said there is no Feat of Strength connected with CE/DE registration. But they are thinking about adding one in the future.
Posted by Member EnzyOne on 4/3/14 04:56 AM #14
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@h311o Thanks for the info, mate. =)

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