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As always I spend time making fun experiments in Dialbo 3, exploring some of the lesser travelled roads.

This time I have done two gearing experiments.

1) Life/s kill aura.
The key item to this was: Deaths-bargain found in Act 5 cache.

The idea was to make a WD that can just run around melting stuff while my pets mop up, without having to attack anything.

After a couple of days running bounties I managed to finally find a pair of pants with 840% life/s to aura conversion.
I then crafted 2 pieces of Captain Crimson set, and 2 pieces of Guardian's Jeopardy set, both giving 2000 life/s as 2piece set bonus.
I also tried to get life/s on all equipment, called in the Templar for help, and put 50 paragon points into life/s giving me a total of around 38k life/s.

This amounts to just over 300k damage uara if my calculations are correct.

It sounds pretty neat, but all in all I was severely dissapointed.

First of all the aura radius is very small, so you have to get real close and personal before damage starts. Damage from the pants seems to tick once per second, but the effect was just not as bad-ass as I expected.

Even on normal diff it takes more than one hit to kill even the smallest white mobs. So this was nowhere close to the devastating death aura I expected.

There are some gearing options that might make this work. Things like these boots or this ring can maybe make it better.

I have plans for a second phase where I combine this with the crusader thorns set, and sanguinary-vambraces and then try to get all items with both life/s and thorns. But that will take a lot more work, or getting lucky on gear drops.

2) XP Gain
I tried to see if I can get some faster XP by combining the lvl 70 version of the Cain set, Born set, Hellfire ring, Ruby and Leoric's Signet.
But once again I was in for a dissapointment. I didn't use ring of royal grandeur, so I had to use 3 pieces of each set. Crafting 6 set pieces is easy enough, making the hellfire ring is a bit more work, and finding Signet is pure drop luck. Ruby is easy. All in all getting there was easy enough. The dissapointing part is in how little difference it really makes.

I got around 173% XP bonus. (didn't have perfect leoric, but that wouldn't make much difference). This is such a small percentage compared to the fact that this non optimal gear will probably have you playing at a different difficulty, giving you a smaller xp return in the end.
The XP from gear is simply added to the xp from difficulty. And the xp steps in each difficulty is quite big.

So if you plan to play normal diff this is viable, because you will be getting Master Level xp. But playing T2 instead of T3 is roughly breaking even. And playing T3 instead of T4 you actually lose out.
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I love testing things like this, I was also disappointing by Death's Bargain though. There are so many unique items in the game you could probably find a really cool build that no one else uses.

I want to try out using Solanium and Reaper's Wraps for a Health Globe build where I can just infinitely spam my highest cost/damaging attack forever.

Unfortunately there are not too many items that interact with Health Globes.

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Will be hard to get there. You should add this amulet to get more health globe drops for your wraps though the chances to spam high cost spells will be small.

But good luck for your experiment.

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