New Legendary Items

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 2/27/15 04:08 AM #1
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Added the new legendary items that are on the PTR to the item database. Might be missing a few as these are the ones I have seen in game or someone else linked.

Season Three Items
New Legendary Item List

Posted by Member tsukiyomi on 2/27/15 11:55 AM #2
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I love that slowly but surely all the existing legendaries are getting legendary affixes. Maybe a day will actually come where every legendary will be good for something.

I hope they change little mans finger to something other than a ring.
Posted by Member Bort on 3/6/15 08:21 AM #3
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I like little man's finger as a ring. Gives you a choice of 2 big dudes (big dog and gargant) or 2 groups. Lots of dogs and lots of gargants.
Posted by Member tsukiyomi on 3/6/15 09:57 AM #4
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I have to disagree. I think pet doctors need a buff, I want to be able to run the big dog, 3 gargantuans and my fetish army.

I still have a hard time keeping up in greater rifts with my pet doc.

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