amulet price check pls.

Posted by Member zerokewl on 8/12/12 01:41 PM #1
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Wanted to see if my thinking was correct.

Fire R--45
All R--58

Saw it on the rmah listed for $1.25 and bought it hoping to use as I'm a fire monk or resell.

Posted by Admin Artishir on 8/12/12 05:47 PM #2
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I found some similar ones for 500k on the gold auction house, so you basically paid the right price. i would just use it, it's not terrible!
Posted by Member zerokewl on 8/12/12 05:53 PM #3
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Thank you.

I planned to use it for needed resists to move forward. Still trying to make it out of act 2.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/12/12 05:57 PM #4
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The dexterity on it is awesome and it has a good roll of all resistance, only missing vitality to make it worth a lot. I personally recommend using it if your current amulet is worse.
Posted by Member codeninja on 8/14/12 04:52 PM #5
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This is right around the 300k mark I think. I know my monk would love it, sadly, I'm stacking crit so...

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