Which piece would you upgrade if you have $100m

Posted by Member douvinsky on 9/13/12 09:05 PM #1
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$100m could be a lot to some, and could be just pocket change for some.

I for once have $100m....as a result of 2-3 lucky item drops. Easy come easy go. I ended up spending over $100m to gear up my monk. A 1224 DPS legen fist, an Inna headpiece and a set of rings (which summon skeleton sometimes) are all that it takes to melt my gold to zero.

However, I have no regret. I enjoy the game more now, and with new gears I am able to solo farm Act III easily even with 440 resist including OWE, since my DPS reached 35k unbuffed and I am quick at moving around with +22% movement speed.

I don't really spend any much more, since my gear now is 'good enough' and I can't afford the gears I am looking for, unless I receive a windfall.

However, should I have an extra $100m, what would I do? I am thinking............I would like to own a decent 1H with dex, crit, and a socket. I never have crit + socket together. Any extra, I would love to upgrade the chestpiece. Most likely some legendary like the Tyrael Might? Not sure what's good for monk.

How about you? with 100m are you able to overhaul your whole character or just one piece of gear? Which piece are you looking at?
Posted by Member Methrin on 9/13/12 09:07 PM #2
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Immortal King chestpiece... or maybe upgrade one of my IK pieces.
Posted by Member Undertaker on 9/13/12 09:32 PM #3
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Well done mate 100m is so far out of my reach i have no idea what i would do with it other then try to get my barb up to a point where i can solo act 3 as i have hit a wall for a few weeks now gear wise
Posted by Member Mindlessone on 9/13/12 10:24 PM #4
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Best Calamity I could find.
Posted by Member Inevitable610 on 9/13/12 10:26 PM #5
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I would upgrade to an IK chest piece, from the mediocre rare chest armor I have now.
Posted by Member solo on 9/14/12 12:04 AM #6
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Id prob also got for IK chest mine is pretty weak and I have 2 other pieces already.
Posted by Member Fugu on 9/14/12 06:51 AM #7
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Depends on what class you are then and what type of build as well . Say a WW barb, he rather have Tyrael's might over IK chest piece due to the movement speed bonus ..

I have no qualms over which one thou. Anyone will do for me . ^^
Posted by Member ecocd on 9/14/12 07:30 AM #8
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@Mindlessone Another 1H Xbox DH! Hi!

I would spend money my money on either a near-perfect set of Danetta's Hand Xbows or a great rare + great Calamity Hand Xbows. Those would each be a big damage upgrade to my current build even if I lose some Max Discipline and cold damage.
Posted by Member Ammostiel on 9/14/12 03:35 PM #9
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INT Inna's pants if I don't have them already.

Beyond that, either INT CC Prowlers and a new source to keep overall CC maintained (and doing that with Inna pants would let me get good boots with 0% move speed for cheap), or new amulet and rings to help improve main stats as well as retain my IAS, CC, and LOH.

Decent gloves with some CHD on top of what I have now would be dandy too.

Overall I'm quite happy with my current gear, despite its not-godly status. All I miss is my 25% movement.

Posted by Member Mylton on 9/14/12 04:07 PM #10
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I would get myself a nice shiny new bow or Xbow for my DH and buy the +100% crit dmg gem to go with it.
Posted by Member huskies13 on 9/14/12 06:18 PM #11
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i would probably get myself the finest skorn i could find, god i want one of those weapons
Posted by Member IronMcChef on 9/15/12 01:23 PM #12
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Probably an awesome 2 soc Manticore (+deadmans) for my DH. Trying the 2x1H thing right now and it's feeling like I'll need a LOT more than 100m to match the power of a good 300% crit Manticore with hand xbows.

Second choice would be a ridic wand for my Wiz.
Posted by Member Vendetta on 9/15/12 01:25 PM #13
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Either a godly deadmans legacy or Nat's ring with crit hit % for my DH
Posted by Member mbrig120 on 9/15/12 01:36 PM #14
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Whatever i can get the best deal on
Posted by Member Gengix on 9/15/12 01:36 PM #15
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A 2 socket Manticore or a Legacy Nat's ring to help finish up my set.
Posted by Member Retrograde on 9/15/12 01:40 PM #16
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The inna pants would be great for my DH. I'd throw the rest into a +dex manticore and dead man's legacy.
Posted by Member munkmunk on 9/15/12 01:42 PM #17
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Easily my weapons i have Innas temperance and radiance(i am monk) and have fairly good gear except i havent upgrading weapons in a while since im down to 6.5mil after purchases.
Posted by Member Genoshk on 9/15/12 01:49 PM #18
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I'd have to go with the majority here, and start on my IK set
Posted by Member Polyintrinsic on 9/15/12 02:00 PM #19
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I would buy a nat's mark, just because they are really expensive and are bound to get more expensive as the time goes by. They should hold their value pretty good.
Posted by Member Xinryu on 9/15/12 02:02 PM #20
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Inna's chest/helm. Pants would be nice, but I'd be far too squishy
Posted by Member awu25 on 9/15/12 02:05 PM #21
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I would get IK chest since that thing is a beast
Posted by Member Soundv on 9/15/12 02:11 PM #22
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good 1 hand for ww barb
Posted by Member Krythus on 9/15/12 02:34 PM #23
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Definitely get a half-decent manticore. So close, yet so far...
Posted by Member starcraft240 on 9/15/12 02:35 PM #24
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Weapons are usually the way to go.
Posted by Member BanginNLeavin on 9/15/12 02:39 PM #25
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Like many I would either buy a set chest(zuni) and/or a huge upgrade to ly weapon.

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