Paragon Leveling Data (For Act 3)

Posted by Member Metta on 9/18/12 07:34 PM #1
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Hi guys,

I did a basic experiment: to find the relative EXP/hour rates of each area in Act 3. These are just relative rates, but they're pretty accurate. I've already accounted for the time I spent ID'ing rares and vendoring. Additionally, I am well geared and I am running with 34% MS, so your individual numbers are going to be different depending on your gear/class. What's most important is the ratios, though. So without further ado...

1) Keep Depths (Start at Level 3, go to 1, finish 2): 15 mins, 5M = 20M/hour
2) Bridge of Korsikk to Siegebreaker (I clear the entire Fields of Slaughter and the entire Bridge plus one pack in the Underbridge): 10 mins, 4.5M = 27M/hour
3) Arreat Crater 1: 7 mins, 2.5M = 21.4M/hour
4) Arreat Crater 2: 7 mins, 2.9M = 24.9M/hour
5) Tower of the Cursed (1 and 2 and Cydaea): 5 mins, 1.7M = 20.4M/hour
6) Core of the Arreat (and Azmodan): 4 mins, 1.1M = 16.5M/hour

Also, did these with 5 stacks:
7) Stonefort: 5 mins, 1.3M = 15.6M/hour
8) Tower of the Damned (1, 2, and HoD): 7 mins, 2.3M = 19.7M/hour

The clear winner is the Fields of Slaughter/Bridge, followed by AC Level 2. The Keep Depths should be higher because you're doing some of it without 5 stacks. Stonefort is actually relatively bad because of inconsistent mob density as well as relatively few elites. The two towers are surprisingly decent because of the relative tightness. If you're not as interested in rares, you might be able to maximize EXP/hour by doing keep depths, bridge, and AC, then just restarting.

If anyone is interested in Act 1 or 2, I can do those, but the data might be skewed since those mobs would be melting pretty quickly to my DPS.
Posted by Member Baldy on 9/18/12 07:51 PM #2
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You know, I have always thought Bridge of Korsikk and Rakkis Crossing were pretty dense and didn't take terribly long.

Maximizing exp gain by hitting the Keep before running through the bridge and crossing is paramount due to finding elites in the latter two can sometimes take a few minutes were the Keep seems to happen relatively quickly.

Thanks for taking the time on this mini-guide!!
Posted by Member zerokewl on 9/18/12 08:14 PM #3
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Are these numbers with 5 stacks of NV or are they as though you entered the game with no stacks and ran just that area?

Also isn't the MS capped at 25%?
Posted by Member Baldy on 9/18/12 08:16 PM #4
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ms is capped on items but you can have skills that allow you to exceed 25%
Posted by Member yphanh2002 on 9/18/12 08:37 PM #5
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Posted by zerokewl at 09/18/2012 08:14 PM

Are these numbers with 5 stacks of NV or are they as though you entered the game with no stacks and ran just that area?

Also isn't the MS capped at 25%?

Yes, mf cap at 25% on items but you can have much more than that when you use skill such as: sprint for 33, fleet footed for monk,...
Posted by Member Khan on 9/18/12 10:44 PM #6
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@Metta Thanks for the research!

Most of my legendary drops were from fields of slaughter and core of arreat.
Posted by Member Santient on 9/19/12 01:00 AM #7
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Confirming what Khan said. Last night i got 2 legendaries, one on the bridge before the siege-beast and one in the heart of sin levels. A decent-low Won Khim Lau and a 1h axe (i forgot it's name).
I just hope that my luck will hold.
Posted by Member Fugu on 9/19/12 03:36 AM #8
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Well I just clear whatever is accessable from the portal .

My runs are usually Stonefort , Keep Depth 1 , 3, 2 , Bridge of Korsik , Fields of Slaughter , Arreat 1 , 2 , Towers 1, 2 then retart again . Takes usually about 40 - 60 mins . I am running without any MS . LOL .

I'm not too bothered about paragon levels thou . Pure farming purposes.
Posted by Member Metta on 9/19/12 12:18 PM #9
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These numbers are all with 5 stacks except part of the keep depths. I used the keep depths to get 5 stacks. However, the time spent getting 5 stacks is pretty minimal. You get 3 stacks from Level 3 (sometimes 4, sometimes 2) and the other 2 rather quickly from Level 1. So if I had to estimate the EXP/hour from Keep Depths at full 5 stacks the whole way, I'd say somewhere between 22-24M/hour. I think you have to do it first though, because of the density of elites and the importance of hitting 5 stacks as fast as possible.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 9/19/12 10:18 PM #10
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Thanks and I would love to see the xp of acts 2 1 if/when you have time.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 9/20/12 09:23 PM #11
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Thanks Meta.

I always wonder how much XP I am getting (without trying to compare before and after kill). Now at least I got some senses of it although gaining XP is not my top priority now.

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